What Material Should I Choose For Benchtops?


Quartz is an industrial cluster that is characterized by its hardness and hygiene. It is very resistant to water and humidity, however, it is necessary to watch with the high temperatures and to use protectors to support the hot containers. With the quartz benchtops, you can get a kitchen with sink of the same material fully integrated.

Stainless Steel

A kitchen with stainless steel benchtop is eternal as it waterproof, has high hardness, resistant to high temperatures and acids. Therefore, it is common practice in the professional kitchens to use this material. In addition, it is possible to create large surfaces without joints, so these benchtops stand out for their hygiene. The stainless steel provides an industrial style that can rightly be used as a decorative resource. Also, it is possible to fully integrate the sink to the benchtop with the same material.


One of the latest trends in kitchen benchtops is the glass top for its transparency and visibility. The latest advances allow them to be not only scratch resistant but also shock resistant. If you are looking for a modern and bold cuisine, do not hesitate, as this is your material. To make the matters even better, the glass benchtops do not absorb water and cannot burn, and because it is a non-porous surface, it is very easy to clean.

Formica and Synthetic Materials

They are the most economical benchtops in a kitchen. They are formed by a wood chipboard with a final layer that can imitate any material. However, it easily deteriorates for the reason that it absorbs water. Therefore, the duration of its life is much shorter and it is the perfect solution for temporary situations.


The marble benchtops have characteristics very similar to those of granite, but being a noble material, they are much more elegant and attractive in the sense of decorative look in the kitchen. To maintain its brightness, it must be known that it requires special maintenance and it is sensitive to the stains and acids. To find out the reasonable cost of stone benchtops Adelaide, you are suggested to visit

Now that you know all about the benchtop, you just have to choose one as per your style of decoration and budget. You should not hesitate to contact and discuss the experts in the field who can advise you to select the best one as per your own needs.

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