What are the Pros & Cons of Char Griller 5050 Gas Grill?

The Char Griller 5050 is an all in one standard size gas and charcoal grill and is just the grill for the griller who loves to do it all. There is an optional smoker box, making this grilling duo invincible. The griller will be the king of diverse grilling with more than 1,200 square inches in cooking area.


The quality of construction is a definite fan favorite of grillers who use this grill. The versatility is another fan favorite as most people have a preference for the food they liked grilled on a gas grill and food cooked on a charcoal grill. The Char Griller 5050 Duo lets everyone has their favorite.

For those who grill all year long, find the grill stands up to all climate changes and the varying degrees in temperature for those who live in areas with seasonal temperature changes.

Ease of assembly is another fan favorite, but found it takes two people to efficiently put the grill together. Other Char Griller models came with cheap and flimsy plastic wheels, but the Char Griller people listened and the Carr Griller 5050 is equipped with substantial wheels.

Having 2 grills with 2 different covers comes becomes very handy when you have several grilling work going at the same time. You can have your steaks cooking at low temperatures on one end and have you franks and hamburgers on another without having to lift the cover up each time one section is done.


One consumer who purchased and used the grill found the charcoal grill was not very air tight. There were gaps as wide as ¼” and that does not allow the griller to control the heat very well.

The perimeter of the grates does not have any bumpers to keep the food from sliding off when using spatula action to turn or remove the food from the grill.

Other parts of the Char Griller 5050 Duo rusts out very quickly if not protected from the rain. For the price of the grill, rust should never happen.

Overall Ratings

At the time of writing this review, it has 3.7/5 star rating on Amazon.com. Most users like the versatility of being able to choose to cook with gas or char coil and the quality of the materials. On the negative end, the biggest complaint was about rust. While most of them are made of steel and it is prone to rusting, this particular seems to have very vocal complaints. If this is concern for you, you should definitely do further research on this problem. I have tried to find if there are any major recalls on the product and was not able to find any major recalls.

Most BBQ grills are prone to rusting, especially if it is left in the elements and especially one made out of steel, so my suggestion is to get some rust protection and cover it up with a sheet if this is going to be left in the open. Otherwise put it in the garage when you are not using it and especially in the winter time.

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