Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill Review

It is another in the line of Weber gas grills that has seen the improvements and upgrades without compromising the cooking performance. The enclosed cart is handsomely designed and designed to hide the fuel tanks. The folding side tables provide much needed work area to make the grilling more convenient and efficient experience.

The Weber has always tried to push the envelope in terms of pushing design and styling with each new grill they make. The E-310 is no exception and continues to impress the grilling enthusiasts all the time, as a result, it is one of the highest rated gas grills on the market.


Equipped with 2 locking, heavy duty and swivel, front castors to keep it stable while it is in place and easy to move when it is time to put it away.

The cooking area is 637 square inches, including a warming rack, providing sufficient room to cook for 6 to 12 people.

It has a front mounted control panel and an electronic ignition system, making it easy to use and all controls in one, convenient location.

The fuel gauge lets you know how much fuel is left, and avoid running out of gas in mid grill.
The cooking grates are made of cast iron with porcelain enamel for superior heat conduction, and optimum cooking and with a built in thermometer in the lid, you will always know the cooking temperature.

The controls are located on the front, making its operation within arm’s reach at all times.


Consumers who purchased this Weber model found it heats quickly and maintains heat for long periods of time and cooks evenly.

It is built with quality materials, and its tub is solid with thick wall construction.

It has two separate cooking areas, allowing the griller the ability to light only half the grill and not waste fuel when a small amount of food will be cooked.


The cooking grates are rectangular in shape rather than square, which make for less cooking area and larger gap between the grills.

Another drawback to the shape of the grates is not all the flavor bars are within the flame reach, making the bars less effective than they should be.

The control knobs are plastic that break very easily because they need extra pressure to push the knob in before it can be turned. The bolts can break easily if the least amount of over crank is applied, but Weber is very good about sending replacements.

It is a favorite of hardcore and occasional grillers and the users find it easy to set up. There is also an option to get this in black copper or green to match any setting. It is built solid, heavy and get hot really fast which is very useful and surprising as the heat spreads out evenly throughout. With proper care and maintenance, it will last a long time.

Its locking wheels keep it stable when cooking and are essential to avoid accidents. It has a wide range of cooking temperatures, making cooking very consistent. It has sufficient grill area, almost eliminating the need for a warming tray or side burner. If you are tired of cheap ones which don’t heat up evenly, you should definitely take a look at Weber Genesis E-310.

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