Tips On The Arrangement Of The Kitchen

Do you want the cooking process to be comfortable and not burdensome? Then you need to know how to properly organize your workspace with your own hands, where to store kitchen utensils and how to use every centimeter of the kitchen. 

On the need for the competent arrangement of the kitchen

If you believe the research, then if the kitchen is not properly equipped for one day, a person can run several kilometers along with it, constantly returning to the workplace, bending over and crouching. At the same time, cooking and washing dishes stretch for hours, although this time can be easily reduced by correctly using the kitchen space.

Naturally, mobility is not bad if you are struggling with excess weight. However, the kitchen is not a gym.

The experiments showed that if you plan the kitchen space correctly, you can save 30% of the time and 60% of the way. Therefore, today it is important not only to choose the right kitchen equipment but also to arrange it rationally so that the necessary kitchen utensils are always at your fingertips.

Rational use of space

Both large and small kitchen spaces can create significant problems. For example, in large kitchens, the distance between objects can be so large that the owners must make rather tedious movements between the sink, stove, countertop, refrigerator and dining table.

Buying a multi-section headset (the price of which is quite impressive) in many cases also does not solve anything. So, you still have to move around the kitchen carefully so as not to hurt or overturn anything.

It turns out that the money spent on all kinds of lockers, but there is no convenience, as it was not. In this case, practical ideas will become real salvation, because the key to comfort and coziness is a reasonable attitude to each square centimeter of space. And in this case, modern materials and technologies will become your assistants.

Work sequence

Professionals are primarily advised to pay attention to the correct sequence of jobs based on the technology of cooking. So how is it convenient to equip a kitchen, or rather it’s working area?

We recommend arranging the kitchen furniture in this order:

  • Fridge. Products are stored in it, and accordingly, it is from here that the process of cooking begins.
  • Workplace. It usually cleans and prepares products.
  • Washing. A waste container should also be located in the same area.
  • The final cut. It includes shredding, cutting and other procedures.
  • Heat treatment, cooking.
  • Serving.

Cabinet height

In addition to the correct location of the working area, you must carefully consider the size and height of the cabinets.

Since every housewife wants to make a kitchen comfortable, it is not the least of all that you need to pay attention to storing improvised tools inconvenient places. The research results showed that only 20% of people store everything they need in the kitchen and do it right.

To become one of these lucky ones, you need to follow the suggested recommendations.

The total height of the headset is divided into 4 zones.

  • Very low. Located at a height of up to 40 cm. Since it is poorly visible, it is quite inconvenient to use. In the lower zone is to store heavy objects of medium size, which you rarely use.
  • Low. An area located 40-75 cm from the floor. Install drawers or shelves in it under large dishes or small household appliances.
  • Medium. The area is at a height of 75-190 cm from the floor. The most practical and well viewed place. On such shelves, it is worth storing dishes, cereals, cutlery – all that you often use.
  • High. The area located above 190 cm. Since you will need to use a stepladder or chair to get to it, you should not store anything often used there. The upper shelves can become a place to store an expensive service or other accessories.

Ergonomic Tools

Regardless of how large your kitchen is, every centimeter on it should be used to good use. For these purposes, you can use the following items:

  • Cabinets with drawers. It is a real find for both large and small kitchens. Small cabinets contain everything you need, and in lattice containers, you can store supplies of food. Thanks to the guide rollers, this section is easily rolled out, allowing you to see all the supplies and access them from any direction. For those, the cat loves cabinets all over the wall, you can make them tired.

Storage systems. Modern, comfortable kitchens are also innovations in the field of appliances. Nowadays, a huge selection of diverse storage systems is provided for kitchens, allowing you to maximize the use of all inaccessible corners, voids and niches. For example, there is such an innovation as a three-level micro-lift, lowering the shelf with all its contents.

Various kitchen furniture manufacturers offer many options for the lower tier, which include pull-out baskets, available in different sizes and shapes.

Corner wash. Many are interested in the question: is a corner sink convenient in the kitchen? If it is installed correctly, then yes. Corner sinks appeared relatively recently and are gaining popularity due to its compactness. The owners of small kitchens will certainly appreciate them.

Bar counter for the kitchen.  A good solution for a small kitchen. In some cases, it can be a great alternative to the kitchen table. At the same time, it significantly saves space. Convenient chairs for the kitchen, in this case, can be hidden under the counter and not take up extra space, limiting your workspace.

Railings in the working area. The space between the countertop and hanging cabinets can be occupied by a narrow shelf or railing system. They are placed kitchen utensils, which takes up a lot of space.

This simple instruction will allow you to free up the kitchen space and use it more ergonomically. If you pay attention to every little thing and take into account every detail, then even the smallest kitchen can be made convenient and cozy, not to mention large rooms.


A convenient and practical kitchen is a place where you want to spend as much time as possible. From this article, you learned how to make a kitchen comfortable, at what height it is worth placing this or that kitchen utensil, how to set a working area and what accessories to use. Follow our recommendations and soon you will notice that cooking in the kitchen has become many times more enjoyable.