Small Kitchen Ideas – 2020

A photo of a kitchen set for a small kitchen is viewed by everyone who plans to change the interior of the apartment. People spend quite a lot of their time in this room, communicate with guests, cook dishes. The mood of the residents of the house largely depends on the convenience and quality of the design of this room. Therefore, regardless of how much area it occupies in the apartment, everyone tries to make it more cozy and comfortable.

Everything should be thought out in a small kitchen set

Kitchens that occupy a few square meters are very relevant today, as small apartments and studios are not uncommon even in a new building. In addition, the style of minimalism, which provides for the rational use of the usable area, has recently gained popularity. The smaller and more spacious the furniture you purchase will be, the more space will be left for convenient placement of households and guests.

Kitchen sets in the kitchen 6 square meters. m. In any case, it greatly reduces its area. To choose furniture in 2018 for a small room is a difficult but quite feasible task. It is worth noting that almost all furniture sets occupy more than one quarter of square meters of floor, so its spaciousness and functionality becomes the main factor when choosing a kitchen piece of furniture. Such an element is required to have a compact design, while at the same time successfully fulfilling its tasks. The beauty and conciseness of the facade for small rooms is especially important.

If in a large kitchen its decoration is already how spacious it is and any furniture will look good, then in a small room everything is much more complicated. In large rooms, aesthetics and visual appeal are added by a textured floor and tiled walls. Almost any stylistic solution will look wonderful, and you can also experiment with the arrangement of furniture. But the owners of miniature kitchenettes need to be very careful in choosing each item because an overly bulky cabinet or table can greatly spoil the overall appearance of the room.

When decorating walls and choosing a common color scheme, you should give preference to colors that help visually increase the space. Designers have developed many tricks that can turn even a small room into a bright and comfortable dining room.

Modern manufacturers are doing everything possible to ensure that their products meet the requirements of customers. Many models, colors, designs and textures will allow everyone to choose a product that is ideally suited to the design of the room. The price range is also quite wide, so even with a small budget, you can find a good option.

The kitchen unit wall is best suited for small rooms. Corner furniture will take up too much space because experienced specialists do not recommend placing it in a tiny kitchen. A miniature furniture wall will occupy space only near one wall and leave enough space for a kitchen table, refrigerator and stove. The design of the facades should combine conciseness, compactness, it should have a minimum of protruding parts so that the residents of the house do not touch them.

That is why so often in small rooms apply the style of minimalism, which implies a small amount or complete absence of all kinds of decorations. Any elements of decor are either not welcome at all, or should be carefully chosen. At the very least, decorative elements should not be bulky or too large. Otherwise, using the kitchen will be inconvenient. In addition, dust and grease will settle on such elements, which will significantly add work during cleaning. It is better to leave various figures, paintings and souvenirs for decorating the living room or bedroom.

The kitchen set for a small kitchen, as a rule, does not have protruding elements at all. Handles on the cabinet doors are made in the form of recesses in the facade. This makes it possible to save free space, make the kitchen more streamlined, and also minimize the possibility of various injuries.

Advice! What you should not save on is the mechanisms for opening drawers. After a year of use, any low-quality part will make itself felt. Even if the surface of the facades has a very expensive coating and does not deteriorate during operation, the owner of the kitchen can inexpressibly annoy the poor opening of the door.

You can find an inexpensive kitchen in the online store, however, the finished kitchen will not be repeated with an accuracy of a centimeter of all parameters of the room. When the client sets the kitchen to order, he can choose the quality of the facade and its manufacturer, shade, repetition of the exact configuration of the room. For the manufacture of exclusive models, furniture company employees first measure the kitchen, and then the designer makes two or three design options. Only after the approval of the project by the customer, the production of furniture will begin. Thus, you will receive an element of the interior, ideally suited to your kitchen, as well as reflecting your taste and personality.

Cabinets are used constantly and are operated in conditions of high humidity. Therefore, if the fittings were made of low-quality alloys, then it may already have rust and deformation in a year. This will lead to the fact that the retractable shelves will open rather poorly, annoying the owners. Items that you use constantly should be as high quality as possible. Otherwise, no one can vouch for the nervous state of their user.

The right kitchen set must certainly be equipped with very high quality fittings. This is a prerequisite for the comfort of residents. Drawers are operated much more intensively than any other piece of furniture in the house. The load on the mechanisms is always higher. The owner of the apartment is less likely to be annoyed by scratches on the surface of the tabletop than the poor opening and closing of drawers. Therefore, the first thing you should pay attention to is the mechanism for opening the door and sliding shelves. This can be done before the purchase is made. Carefulness when choosing a product will help you avoid mistakes, as well as acquire high-quality, reliable furniture.

Corner Headsets

A corner kitchen set is the most popular option for a small room. Recently, to save space, it is customary to make high wall-mounted cabinets. That is, instead of products with the usual parameters, you can make a spacious cabinet to the ceiling. Previously, experts claimed that the gap between the cabinet surface and the ceiling gives a feeling of more space. However, this gap can be rationally used for storing kitchen utensils, which are not used so often. For example, a hostess uses a mixer and a blender only when preparing some dishes. There may also be holiday dishes, which are used exclusively in special cases.

Successful Acquisition

Second-hand kitchen set will significantly save some of the money. But when you purchase it after use, a number of difficulties may arise. For example, it is worth personally inspecting whether the kitchen is really in good condition. Particular attention should be paid to the door mechanisms, the operation of the rollers when extending the shelf. A too shabby surface will indicate that: either the furniture was in use for a very long time, or it was used very intensively.

Any kitchen that was previously in use can be restored with your own hands. This will not be difficult if its surface is made under a veneer board. Shabby places, in this case, should be treated with fine sandpaper and varnished again. So any wooden furniture is restored, after which it looks like new. However, this process is very laborious, the apartment will have wood dust and the smell of the varnish. Take into account that this is a good option to save on furniture, but it will require a lot of effort by its owner. It is better to find a used headset in good condition, so that after you do not have unnecessary worries.

Final Words

A kitchen set is an integral element of any apartment, therefore it is necessary to approach its choice very responsibly. Before making a purchase, you need to carefully measure the kitchen, so that later you have the opportunity to compare the results with the parameters of the cabinets. Give preference to compact models that help to use every centimeter of usable area. Thanks to a wide range of products, you can definitely choose the right option for yourself. Good luck