Renovating your kitchen? Must choose the right filters

You are going to renovate your kitchen and have to install different filters which are used in kitchen for example water filters, chimney filters etc. Here we are going to discuss the chimneys used in kitchen. Obviously you will have to make sure that your family breathes in clean air there filters are necessary for every house. It is a precaution to save your family from lung problems, breathing problems and asthma.

Let us take a look on all these types of filters.


Chimneys are used to remove the impurities present inside the kitchen.  Chimneys are not only affordable but also increase the attractiveness of your kitchen as well.

Types of chimney

There are two main types of chimney

  • Ducting or vented chimney

This chimney ducts the smoke and fumes outside the house. The pipes used in these chimneys are made of poly vinyl chloride (pvc)

  • Ductless chimney

This chimney clean the air and recycle it back into the kitchen it does not duct out the air like ducting or vented chimney . The filter which is used for this chimney is charcoal filter.

There are different types of chimney filters

  • Mesh filter

These filters are also known as aluminium cassette filters. These filters are multi layered metal filters made of seven to eight layers of aluminium for effective filtration. These filters should be cleaned regularly because thee have small pores or holes which can be blocked by oil and spices normally used in the kitchens. It can affect the filtration power on chimney if not cleaned properly and regularly. These filters are not used in the kitchens where family regularly use spices and on a very high percentage. These filters are not recommended for asian kitchens.

  • Battle filters

These filters use cut and chop technology. For improved filtration after aluminuim filters these filters were invented. These filters can easily filter out oil and spices. They are highly recommended for asian kitchens. Advantage of using these filters is that they can be easily cleaned.

  • Charcoal

If you don’t want to continuously clean the filters like mesh and battle filter than you should go for charcoal filters. These filters are replaceable. The charcoal in these filters will absorb the oil and impurities present in h kitchen. These filters should be replaced every three to sic month depending upon the cooking style of the family. The purification capacity if these filters depend upon the thickness. Not only purification but adsorption also depends upon the thickness.

Characteristics of chimney

Selection of chimney depends upon its suction capacity, size and blowers to be used the suction capacity means power of a motor to suck out the impurities. If any family cooks oily food than chimney with high suction capacity is required other chimney with lower suction capacity can be used.

Don’t forget to check the size of chimney.

Large number of blowers is used when deep frying is involved in cooking as blowers are used to remove unwanted smell and odor.