Kitchen Utensils

Kitchen utensils are accessories that are used in cooking. They simplify the process of processing products, and also significantly accelerate the performance of certain tasks. There are a huge number of accessories that can be useful in the kitchen, but most of them can be categorized as unclaimed or rarely used.

Mandatory kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils are represented by a large group of accessories. Among them there is a basic set, which is necessarily used in the kitchen.

It includes:
  • Cutting boards.
  • Spoons.
  • Shoulder blades.
  • Chop hammers.
  • Knives.
  • Can knives.
  • Ladle.
  • Sita.
  • Rolling pins.
  • Graters.
  • Bbw.
  • Skimmers.

Cutting board is used as a lining when cutting products. It is highly durable, therefore, can withstand significant loads. The use of the board protects the surface of the table or tablecloth from cutting. Cutting boards can also be used for serving. Often, they serve pizza, as well as grilled products.

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Kitchen spoons are also very common accessories that are used to stir while cooking. They can be made of metal, plastic, silicone or wood. They are much larger than tablespoons.

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Blades perform similar functions with spoons. Thanks to their flat shape, they allow you to turn cooking food in a frying pan. Also, with the help of shovels, it is convenient to lay out portioned dishes, such as pies or cakes. The blades are made of durable materials that allow for sufficient rigidity with a minimum thickness.

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A hammer for beating is also a very common kitchen utensil that is difficult to replace with something else. This device looks like a normal construction hammer, but with notches on the hammer. With its help, the softening of meat fibers is carried out. After processing with a chop hammer, the meat slices are juicier.

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Knives are perhaps the most sought after kitchen accessories. There are dozens of popular types of knives, each of which has a convenient shape for certain types of products. There are special knives for fish, bread, butchering poultry, peeling vegetables and so on. Kitchen knives, as a rule, have a thin blade, so they are easy to cut and sharpen quickly.

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A can opener is used specifically for opening cans. One side of the knife is used to cut tin canned food and the second acts as a lever for opening the lids of rolled glass jars. There are also other designs, but in other designs, the reliability of the device decreases over time.

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The ladle is a must-have accessory, without which it is impossible to quickly pour liquid dishes. It has a long handle, at the end of which a small hemispherical container for scooping food is fixed.

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Sieve – a device for screening bulk products. Usually, it is used to prepare flour before kneading the dough. The sieve can remove seals and impurities in products. Also, after sifting, the flour is saturated with oxygen, which makes the dough much better in the future.

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The rolling pin is a cylindrical bar made of wood, metal or plastic, which is used to roll out the dough. It is also used if necessary to crush crackers and other dry products into powder.

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A grater is also an indispensable tool for rubbing foods. It has flat sides with notches that perform rubbing. Typically, graters have 4 sides with different notches, which allows the formation of 4 types of fractions.

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Pusher is a specialized device for processing boiled vegetables in mashed potatoes. It is mandatory in the kitchen since it is difficult to grind the vegetable mass with another hand tool. A modern alternative to pusher is a blender.

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The skimmer is a specialized accessory, which is something between a ladle and a colander. It is used to collect foam. When applying it, only the foam is removed, while the liquid remains in the pan. Dumplings or dumplings are also removed from the water with a slotted spoon, without damaging them.

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Accessory accessories
Optional kitchen utensils enhance cooking comfort. Such equipment may include:
  • Corollas.
  • Funnels.
  • Scissors.
  • Dumplings.
  • Garlic squeezers.
  • Shredders.
  • Measuring glasses.
  • Mills for spices.
  • Citrus Juicers.
  • Pizza knives.
  • Stands for hot dishes.
  • Rollers for cutting sheet pastry.
  • Nets for cutting vegetables.

A whisk is a hand tool used to whip creams, creams, eggs and batter. Now it is not used so often, because its function is performed by the mixer. Usually, the whisk is made of stainless steel. The tool is a bundle folded in half by metal rods connected by a handle. In its absence, whipping can be done with a fork, unless of course, you need to make meringues. Corollas are found in the kitchen only for those involved in home baking.


A funnel is a common auxiliary kitchen utensil, which is a wide filler neck with a thin tube at the bottom. It is used for the transfusion of liquids. The funnel is placed thinly into a jar or bottle, and liquid is poured into its wide neck.


Kitchen scissors are completely replaceable accessories that are usually used for cutting poultry. It is also convenient to remove fish fins with scissors, and cut the dough in the manufacture of complex baking. They can be completely replaced with an ordinary knife.

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Dumplings are a rather rare accessory in the modern kitchen, which is a flat circle with holes that allows you to quickly form small dumplings. A rolled sheet of dough is laid on it, after which the filling is laid in the cells. At the final stage, the dumplings are covered with a second sheet of dough, after which they are rolled with a rolling pin until the finished dumplings are formed.


Garlic squeezer is a specialized device for chopping mashed garlic. It is quite replaceable with a fine grater, but with frequent use of garlic, it is preferable to use it for its preparation, since it mashes very quickly.


A shredder is a device with which cabbage is sliced. In its absence, this can be done with an ordinary knife, but spending several times more time. It can be equipped with one or more blades. The more of them, the faster the work is done.


Measuring cup is made of plastic or glass. It is always transparent, which allows you to view the level of the liquid or bulk substance. On its walls there is a marking indicating the volume or weight of the product. If you have a kitchen scale, you can completely refuse to use a measuring cup. In the same case, when you need to measure the volume of liquid, you can always use ordinary glasses and glasses for drinks, the volume of which is known. Nevertheless, measuring glasses are very convenient, but they are difficult to wash, since dirt is often clogged with an existing relief notch that displays the volume.

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Kitchenware also includes a spice mill . Usually, it is made of wood or plastic. With its help, peas are ground into powder. Such accessories are not very popular, since you can initially buy spices in powder. A significant part of the mills on sale are of poor quality or milling very slowly.

Melnitsa dlia spetsii

Juicers Citrus are used for the selection of lemon juice. Although this is a hand-held device with the simplest design, but it provides a very effective separation of the juice from the pulp. They are made of stainless steel or plastic.

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Pizza knives are also an accessory that may not be included in required kitchen utensils. They are a pointed disk mounted on the handle, allowing you to quickly cut pizza when rolling. Also, with their help, it is easy to cut the dough. Such a knife only works effectively with soft warm pizza. After cooling, when it becomes hard, it acts much worse than an ordinary kitchen knife.

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Stands for hot dishes are flat rugs and nets made of wood, silicone, steel or heat-resistant plastic. They are stacked on a countertop, after which they put hot pots and pans. The presence of coasters is also optional since the dishes can be left on the wave off the stove.

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Rollers for dough slicing are used to create patterned baking, as well as the production of homemade pasta, in particular noodles. They usually have a sharper edge than pizza knives. The width of the rollers is 5 cm or more.

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Optional kitchen utensils also include vegetable nets. They allow you to cut much faster than in the case of an ordinary knife. It is worth noting that the steel string used in such kitchen accessories can break off under high tension when working with hard vegetables and fruits. In this regard, the mesh is recommended to be used only on boiled vegetables and peeled chicken eggs.

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