How to Take Care for Your Caesarstone Kitchen Bench Top

As we all know, the kitchen is an essential part of the house. It is our key job to make it clean, germ-free, and to look luxurious. A clean and tidy kitchen, especially a sparkling benchtop or counter tap, contributes to the beauty of your kitchen. A Caesar Stone Bench Top is the pride of every beautiful kitchen. It gives a luxury look to your ordinary kitchen. When choosing a Caesarstone countertop surface for a home kitchen, you feel delighted. The best features of Caesarstone countertop are:

  • It’s stain and scrape resistant
  • It’s reliable and more durable
  • There is a massive range of color options to adjust with your current design plan
  • Not difficult to maintain
  • It can withstand exposure to lemon juice, tea, wine, and other inappropriate household spills.

Caesarstone’s hard, non-flat surface makes it easy to clean. Maintaining Caesarstone is not very difficult either; it can be maintained very easily. In this blog, below are remarkable tips on how to refine your Caesarstone countertop and how to retain your kitchenette countertop looking fresh.

  1. Clean Every Day, After Every Use:  Caesarstone kitchen countertop wants so little maintenance to keep the surface distinct. If you follow the everyday cleaning routine of Caesarstone, I would like to recommend washing the surface with mild foamy water (a soft detergent) and a wet cloth or use the handy Caesarstone Cleaning Wipes or Caesarstone Spray.  As Caesarstone is practically non-porous, low maintenance option, it will keep its shiny gloss and ultra-smooth exterior without rubbing any polish, and it nevermore requires sealing. Never strive to smooth the surface on the DIY process, and dodge extended rubbing in one spot at cleaning.
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  2. Use Cleanser Cream: Cleanser Cream for Caesarstone has been particularly formulated to remove the most stubborn blemishes such as beetroot or red wine while using the keeping of your Caesarstone coverings. It is also suitable for washing kitchen sinks and wash taps, utensils baths, and any washbasins. It also helps in shower recesses, kitchen tiles surfaces, and sous-chef tops.

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  3. Food Preparation: When we talk about food preparations, there are so many things for which we use the countertop. The most crucial work for cooking is peeling and cutting, for which many people use different methods. I would like to recommend, do your cutting and peeling tasks on an appropriate cutting board and never directly on the Caesarstone surface. You need to avoid blunting kitchen knives; it could destroy the surface and shine of your Caesarstone benchtop.

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  4. Cleaning Reference Guide: Please remark that Caesarstone coatings are different from other countertops as their polish may need to be extended in the daily maintenance due to their different patterns and finishes. There are some substances in which Cream Cleanser can able to clean the materials are – Red Wine, Beetroot, Coffee/Tea, Cordial, Spices. It does not clean the food oils and Glue/Silicone/Paint stains. But if you can use the Methylated Spirits, they can able to remove the Glue/ Silicone/Paint stains, and Spray Cleaner can clean the Food Oils stains.

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  5. Heat Resistance: Caesarstone will allow slight exposures to slightly tropical temperatures; however, extended immediate contact with or transmitted heat from boiling vessels can cause thermal shock, discoloration, or destruction. Therefore, I would recommend you not to put extreme hot pans, pots, oven trays, electric fry pans, and rusted pans, etc. Also, don’t place the hotplate directly out of the oven onto the Caesarstone surface. I can personally recommend that you can use the trivet or hot pad to put hot items on the Caesarstone countertop.

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  6. Maintenance Factors: 

Regular Cleaning:

Stubborn Food Stains:

Metal Marks Rust:

Dried Spills:



  7. Be smart and Be Clever: Caesarstone coverings are reliable and robust, but they are not permanent. Don’t use harsh sponges on your countertop surfaces, and withdraw applying the following directly on your exterior:

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  • Keep away from dangerous chemicals and cleaners: Resolute chemicals and disinfectants – for example, grill cleaners, oven cleaners, dishwasher polishing agents, and toilet cleaners. It can hurt the shiny surface and damage the polish of your Caesarstone countertop. Methylene chlorides or Trichloroethane are the paint removers or strippers’ chemicals should be avoided.
  • Heat treat – High heat: Caesarstone countertop is not heavy heat resistant; it can bear less amount of heat. However, never recommend that you put boiling vessels and pots (above 300°F) and oven trays directly on the cover; always use a hot pad or trivet. Unexpected and fast temperature variations can destroy the countertop surfaces.
  • Clean Your Caesarstone with vinegar: If you’re going to use environmentally safe cleaners on your Caesarstone countertops, you can go with the combination of 50/50 vinegar and water. It will help you extend the life of your countertop.

Conclusion: When your kitchen is equipped with Caesarstone countertop then certainly this blog has a lot for you. Go through the necessary points added and give a fresh and attractive appearance as well as durability to this part of your kitchen.


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