Top 10 Beautiful Kitchen Design Ideas – 2020

A beautiful interior always starts with a good idea. If you have to plan kitchen design without the help of a professional, we suggest looking for inspiration, f the combination of colors, decoration materials, decor and furniture. Here you can find interesting photos of kitchen design, and then, clicking on the appropriate active link, go to a more detailed article on the topic and learn how to recreate something similar at home. 10 kitchen design ideas

Idea 1.

Discreet interior with gold details If the interior of your kitchen is tastefully decorated, but there is something missing in it for a wow effect, then maybe it is worth adding a little gold. However, not necessarily gold. Bronze, brass, copper parts work even better. Our advice: The main condition for success is that the situation should not be too elegant, colorful, with an abundance of gloss, and there should be very few gold accents. For example, it can be lamps, headset handles, mixer, picture frames, table accessories. If you equip the kitchen from scratch and doubt the choice of colors, we recommend choosing a simple and win-win scheme: gold details + furniture and walls in neutral shades (gray, milk, beige).

Idea 2.

Monochrome white kitchen – simple and stylish When the walls, floor and kitchen are white, the borders of space seem to disappear and even the smallest kitchen begins to seem spacious, filled with light and air. By the way, white surfaces are not easily soiled and require the same care as surfaces of any other color. Moreover, they are much more practical than dark materials and even the biggest mess on a light background looks less annoying. Our advice: So that the monochrome white interior does not resemble a hospital room, you need to use a lot of “contrasting” textures and materials. White brick, gloss, glass, white wood, ceramics, textiles and stucco molding – all this will make the kitchen cozy and stylish, rather than sterile and boring.

Idea 3.

Gray kitchen Gray is a more fashionable and practical substitute for white or beige. It is ideal for both kitchen units and wall decorations. Shades of gray have a lot of advantages: they are practical, combine with all colors, balance the abundance of decor and bright colors in the interior and generally ennoble the kitchen design. In addition, gray walls and furniture have the ability to look equally good in both artificial and natural light.

Idea 4.

Kitchen design in the white and yellow White interior with yellow accents – the perfect solution for dark northern kitchens. The fact is that yellow shades can replace sunlight and act on households as an antidepressant and an energy drink. The main thing is not to overdo it with the dosage since in large volumes this color can be annoying.

Idea 5.

The kitchen of the interior can be different, for example, a summer residence, a Soviet one, a country estate or an old-Moscow one. Choose the direction closest to you, carefully consider the color scheme, if possible use only natural materials and try not to overdo it with prints, decor and color. If everything is done correctly, the interior of the kitchen in the new style will turn out to be very cozy and stylish.

Idea 6.

Colored tiles on the floor and/or in the apron trim The motley tile despite its brightness, is quite universal. It fits into both classic and modern interiors , looks good both in flooring and in aprons, both in the design of a small kitchen and spacious. For example, in a small kitchen, tile with patterns, attracting glances at oneself, distracts them from the cramped space, and in a large room brings a feeling of comfort to the interior.

Idea 7.

Kitchen with a window-sill If you are planning a kitchen design from scratch, then it is worth considering the idea of ​​remaking a window sill into a bar counter. In the large kitchen-dining room or in the presence of a separate dining room, the bar counter can play the role of a breakfast table and snacks, and in a small kitchen it will become a compact replacement for the dining table, saving space for the working area and storage system. Here are some photos of kitchen interiors with window sills.

Idea 8.

The magnetic slate wall can not only look cool in the interior of the kitchen but also bring practical benefits. It is convenient to leave notes on it for households, write recipes, lists of products and cases, as well as fasten magnetic shelves, hooks and containers for spices.

Idea .9

Kitchen with a sofa A small sofa will allow you to comfortably watch TV in the kitchen, arrange cozy gatherings with friends and accommodate guests if necessary.

Idea 10.

Transparent furniture Another super trick for designing small kitchens is the use of transparent furniture. Tables and chairs made of polycarbonate look very stylish, they are quite durable and practical, and most importantly – do not clutter up space.