What Countertop Material Should I Choose?

Ceramic Countertops

A material that was initially reserved for the aerospace industry, today, we find it also in our kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to all its innovative and practical features.

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The ceramic is hygienic, easy to clean and resistant, adapts to all weather conditions and is very versatile. You can clean your ceramic countertop with all common solvents, disinfectants and cleaners without damaging the surface. It is a hundred percent natural product that does not give off any substance and is therefore totally safe when it comes into contact with food. As always, you have to take into account the requirements of a ceramic countertop which can perfectly adapt to almost any circumstance.

Concrete Countertops

The kitchen designers have rediscovered a traditional building material, and it is the concrete, the ultimate in countertops. The stability, the malleability and the iridescent color characterize the slabs of polished light concrete with a natural wax that guarantees a long useful life.

A concrete countertop is not only scratch-resistant, but above all it is unique. In the mixing and casting, the characteristic brightness is generated which is a part of the typical characteristics of the concrete, whose color range evolves with the passage. The concrete is protected from stains with the use of natural waxes and sealants. For cleaning and maintenance, just wipe with a soft cloth every day.

Glass Countertops

The glass is an elegant alternative to the traditional countertops. It has long made its triumphal entry into our kitchens and bathrooms and everyone knows the advantages of this material as it is unbreakable, scratch resistant and needs easy care.

The glass countertops combine all these advantages. They are hygienic, extremely easy to clean and the only material that can scratch them is one that is harder than them, the diamond.

The glass countertop neither be burned nit it absorbs the moisture. This means that the water stains, swellings or undulations to the countertops are already a thing of the past. Once manufactured, neither the color nor the shape of the glass will change again. In addition, glass countertops do not absorb odors.

Of course, we cannot forget the aesthetic properties of the glass. Do you want an extravagant and modern kitchen that radiates luminosity and provides a futuristic image? In that case, glass is your material.

On the surface of the countertop or the area of the shelf, you can print any desired motif with a special screen-printing process. Tempered glass countertops and shelves will give your kitchen an exceptional touch of distinction. In addition, this material barely limits your creativity, as it is easy to care and safe.