Comparison and Buying Guide of The Best-Hand-Blenders

Practical both for a quick soup on a weekday evening after work and for much more elaborate dishes, the hand blender is a device that is today essential in all kitchens such as juice extractors or a yogurt maker . Daily use or just occasionally, there is no shortage of choices on the market. But before embarking on the purchase of a hand blender, it is imperative to define its needs and the use that one intends to make of it.

For occasional users who only rely on their hand blenders for very simple recipes such as soups, compotes or purees, an entry-level hand blender like certain models of hand blenders at Lidl, the Bosch mfq3540 450w or Moulinex’s side is ideal: equipped with two simple blades as well as one or even two speeds, it mixes quickly and efficiently and is generally not very bulky, because rarely supplied with accessories.

It stores easily in a cupboard without taking up too much space and some models can even hang directly on the utensil bar above the sink or worktop. However, for frequent users who are looking for a hand blender that will allow them to make slightly more elaborate recipes without cluttering with food processors

 , mid-range hand blenders like those from Seb , Braun or Moulinex will live up to your expectations. To do this, some criteria must be taken into account to optimize your purchase:

  • The power of the hand blender : obviously, using a household appliance often and for a long time requires having the right equipment. And that inevitably goes through its engine. Therefore, prefer hand blenders like Philips or Bosch which are mostly with a minimum power of 500 watts. Below, you will automatically be on basic. Without investing hundreds of dollars, you can easily get a very powerful 600 watt hand blender model like the Silvercrest at a very fair price.
  • The accessories of the hand blender : frequent to very intense use requires a minimum of equipment, especially in terms of cooking. And the most judicious solution still remains to choose a hand blender with accessories such as whisk, measuring cup or chopper to avoid cluttering the cupboards of the kitchen or its work plan unnecessarily with several small household appliances.
  • The material of the hand blender : although today there are very solid plastic hand blenders perfect for occasional use, the ideal would be to invest in a hand blender with stainless steel head. They are more robust, the risk of overheating the motor or that of seeing the head of its immersion blender melt is of the order of the impossible.

Obviously, given the options and the quality they offer, the models suitable for frequent use are relatively more expensive than the entry-level ones like the hand blenders from Russell Hobbs for example. You can nevertheless take advantage of your hand blender at the best price thanks to the promotions that are often offered by online sales sites like Amazon. It remains to be seen which model is best for you.

For this, the editorial team has prepared for you a ranking of the best hand blenders on the market, a selection of models that will satisfy both small budgets and users looking for a real kitchen second!

Used to offering us more innovative models than each other, Moulinex offers us a basic that has a single function: to mix quickly and well.

The cheapest blender from our comparator , it is perfect for occasional use or for small budgets. Indeed, buying a hand blender for a soup or a puree does not need to be more careful than that on its accessories or on the host of options that some multi-function or professional hand blenders like Bamix or Kenwood offer today which are especially useful for very frequent use.

The Moulinex hand blender, the DD100141 is simple, efficient, fast and above all at an unbeatable price. And as Moulinex has thought of everything to make our task as easy as possible, no need to read and reread the manual to know how to dismantle the hand blender, it only takes a quarter of a turn to detach the foot from the head. And in addition, it goes in the dishwasher: simplicity in all its splendor!

Moulinex hand blender, the Optitouch DD833810: here is our opinion

Who says you can’t make mayonnaise with a hand blender? However, this is what the specialist brand of small household electrical appliances Moulinex allows, which we no longer present and with which cooking becomes child’s play. A true 3-in-1 hand blender , the Moulinex Optitouch DD833810 model is powerful and complete. In addition, thanks to its 16 speeds , the texture of food is perfectly controlled by its user, whether to make a simple puree or just to roughly cut it, it allows you to make a whole bunch of recipes in just a few minutes. It’s the end of the tedious chore of cutting board and knife.

Kenwood hand blender test, HDP402WH model

blender in kitchen

blender in kitchen

In terms of ergonomics , this Kenwood triblade hand blender (“three blades”) with a non-slip base is perfect for frequent use.
Sold with several accessories of very good quality and all non-slip too, this hand blender works perfectly as a robot without cluttering your kitchen. Among other things, it allows you to make many recipes.

Its mini chopper can perfectly mince meat, make breadcrumbs, herbs or crush nuts for example. Likewise, its whisk allows you to make whipped creams, mayonnaise or egg whites. You will understand, the recipes in the hand blender can be infinitely declined thanks to this device as complete as compact.

Bosch submersible mixer, the MSM66020: editorial opinion

More powerful than its Cadet Clevermixx at Bosch of 400 watts, it displays a 600 watt motor which is very satisfactory, especially since its launch price is very attractive. Its quattro blade technology (4 blades) is particularly practical for perfect, efficient and frankly fast mixes.  His little extra? Its anti-splash (or “ anti-splash ”) function is extremely practical so that you do not have to thoroughly clean your kitchen after use!

Kitchenaid hand blender, the 5KHB2571EER model: pure elegance

mix fruit

mix fruit

Kitchenaid’s hand blenders are constantly revolutionizing the world of small household appliances, making them always more useful than pleasant to handle. After having amazed us with the Kitchenaid cordless hand blender, the top of the range is still in order with a hand blender in stainless steel and black, particularly design and modern and with the most innovative functions : accessories, removable blades with protection which act as aerator milk or ice breaker… Nothing was left to chance by Kitchenaid to make simple mixing of food an art. And all in a small storage trunk , please.

Advantages of the Kitchenaid hand blender, the 5KHB2571EER

  • Powerful and effective hand blender.
  • It has 5 different speeds.
  • Its cable reaches 1m50 to facilitate its use.
  • He wants to be particularly silent.
  • Comes with many accessories.
  • It is equipped with a non-slip head which greatly facilitates its handling.
  • It is guaranteed for 2 years.

Disadvantages of the Kitchenaid hand blender, the 5KHB2571EER

  • Its selling price is high, but understandable with regard to the quality of manufacture of this hand blender.