Vital Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

You usually love juicy red vegetables in your salad which rich in nutrients is called carrot. According to study, it was first found in areas of Afghanistan before thousands of years. That time carrot was available in white, purple and yellow colors. As the revolution of time, its color is changing also. Nowadays it is available in orange or fleshy red colour almost all around the world. Carrot is the only vegetable which is awesome with sweet taste that everyone pleasantly eats in raw or cooked form. Carrot is such a juicy and healthy vegetable if you get regular dose of this beneficial fruit, it’s good to stay healthy and away from many diseases.

Prevent to Cancer

Carrot has antioxidant ingredients which helps to reduce many types of cancers include breast cancer, lungs cancer and colon cancer. It’s best dose for smoker to prevent lung cancer. It has ingredients falcarinol and falcarindiol which scientific prove to prevent cancer. This is proudly prove that carrot is only source of these nutrients. If you add carrot in your daily meal, you’ll get these ingredients which reduce the risk of cancer.

Improved Vision

This is great vegetable for spectacular person who receives work which effect on their eyes such as regular usage of computer. According to the research, if you take nutrient called beta-carotene in your daily meal, it will reduce 40% the risk of macular degeneration as compared to those people who doesn’t eat carrot in regular basis.

As everyone know that beta-carotene is ingredients which good for eyes and carrot is rich with this nutrient. Beta-carotene is usually reformed in Vietnam A which is resolve in retinato rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is usually refer to purple pigment which is essential for night vision. In short beta-carotene is good to improve vision and lower the risk of macular degeneration.

Prevent Heart Disease

Studies show that carrot has pectin and soluble fibres which are good to lower cholesterol level. We’re know that low level of cholesterol can prevent heart disease. Not only this, carrot has beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein. These ingredients help to keep healthy to heart and prevent its diseases. According to U.S. Government study, if a person eat cup of carrots daily for three weeks, they can overcome the blood cholesterol problem.

Good for Dental Health

Carrot is crunchy and juicy vegetable which helps to clean meal from your teeth. It has nutrients which trigger bacteria, plaque and lot of saliva like toothpaste and toothbrush. It works as natural teeth scrub which clean out all dirt and germ from teeth and gums. Carrot has minerals which helps to maintain health of teeth and prevent these from damage and germs.

Prevent Stroke

Stroke is a disease which cause brain attack or brain damage. This disease is give impact on those blood vessels which supply blood to brain. The blood isn’t able to get blood and oxygen that’s the reason stroke affect brain. To prevent stroke and save brain from attack, you should eat carrot. According to the study of Harvard University, if a person eats 6 carrots in a week, he or she can reduce the risk of stroke as compared those person who eat less carrot.

Give Beautiful Skin

Carrot has rich in cleansing properties which not only give beautiful skin but also cleans your body and prevent it from acne. This is best source of vitamin A which is best nutrient to treat pigmentation.

Carrot is a loaded source of essential nutrients and minerals. It is one of those phenomenon concoctions that is good for a variety of purposes. It helps treat and avoid diseases and helps improve our vision, skin, hair, nail etc. Drinking carrot juice daily is a habit that everyone should start, as it is both healthy and full of flavor as well. One cup of carrot juice has about 80 calories. For those who have the typical caloric intake of 2000 calories a day, this means that a cup of carrot juice will count for around 4% of your daily caloric intake. That’s why carrot juice is a best alternative for water as well as other juices.

Improves Immunity and Avoid Heart Diseases

Beta-carotene in carrots makes it a wealthy source of vitamin A. It helps to improve the immune system. The plenty of vitamin A in carrot juice can help improve the sight and the daily intake can prevent the inception of heart diseases and strokes. Vitamin A also keeps the lining of the internal organs healthy in order to prevent it from being infected by pathogenic organisms.

Aids in Clotting Of Blood 

Carrot also contains vitamin K, Vitamin K aids in clotting of blood.

Heals Wounds and Gums

Carrot is loaded with vitamin C which helps to heal wounds and keeps the gums healthy.

Avoid Cancer

Carrot juice acts as an anti-cancer agent. Increased intake of carotenoids in carrot juice has been said to decrease instances of prostate, bladder, breast and colon cancer.


Carrot juice detoxifies the liver.This has to be ejected from the skin. When the liver functions properly, it prevents the gathering of fat and aids in its rapid digestion, preventing weight gain and obesity.

Fights Ageing

The beta-carotenoid that is present in carrot, when entering the body changes into vitamin A and reduces cell degeneration.It improves the amount of collagen in the skin and thus helps in maintaining elasticity, reducing the visible signs of aging like wrinkles and sagging skin.

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