Vegetable Slicers

Simple and Useful Tips for Using & Maintaining Vegetable Slicers

Technology nowadays is making its presence in every place in your home including the kitchen. New types of toasters, grills, refrigerators, kitchenette and ovens are available now for food makers and spiral slicer is another contribution from the better technology which helps making salad preparations nearly effortless and quicker. The following tips will help you about how to use the spiral slicer in an effective manner.

Most if not all users try to put their veggie slicer into multiple utilities without properly understanding its limitations. An individual must realize that not every slicer can be used to slice all types of vegetables. Spiral slicer can only be used for garnishing salads and items and that is why it is also known as Saladacco.

One more wrong and stupid understanding is that once they are brought home, anybody can immediately put it into use. Using a vegetable spiral slicer involves a proper learning and understanding. Initially the trials will lead to a failure, therefore, it is necessary to read the user guide and it is the most important step that you never have to miss. Spiral vegetable slicer must be used in vertical or standing position. In this position, you can put adequate pressure with a single hand and can use the other hand to move the handle.

There are various different models for spiral vegetable slicer available out there and saladacco is one of the oldest and most common used models. But, newer versions of slicers are launched too and they are worth looking at. Most of them offer many advanced features and benefits, which are not available in the Saladacco. A comprehensive comparison of many different models must be carried out before hitting to the purchase decision. Moreover, you also need to try it out before taking them back to your home. Never forget that the special slicers such as banana slicer or pineapple slicers are also available if you have intentions to use a slicer for preparation of your fruit dishes.

Once the slicing process is completed, the slicer will generally leave small pieces of produce or remain behind. If you have sliced many pieces of the produce, plan in advance as how you can use those remains. You can easily do it with your knife and use them to add more to your salad.

These small tips and tricks will always be helpful. You need to have patience while handling the spiral slicer and read more reviews about various vegetable slicers before you get one to your home.

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