Salient Features of Coleman 9949 Gas Grill

There are a lot of gas grill manufacturers out there that will come and go while others stick around and remain on top for many years. Coleman is one such brand that has become a household name because of their excellent and top-quality outdoor merchandise like ice buckets, water containers, sleeping bags, etc. And when it comes to grills, Coleman will surely bring “fire” to your campsite. One of their all-time bestsellers is Coleman 9949-750 and this post aims to give you the detailed features about this model.

Whenever we are looking for portable items, we often choose the small ones. Most of us think that a small item is portable, but it’s not always the case. If it’s too small, we can’t cook enough meat for everyone. The 9949 provides a good amount of grilling area despite that it considered a portable grill. Here are some of the features that stand out for this grill

Grilling Area

In some cases, our grills are too large that we can’t even bring them on ballpark or tailgate parties and camping trips. We need to have the ideal grill that’s small but has a large enough cooking space.


It’s full-sized portable liquid propane grill which is ideal for your home or for camping trips. It comes with two wheels on one end and a wide handle on the other for easy towing.

This versatile 36-inch grill boasts a 285-square inch cooking space which makes it easy for you to cook for everyone with just a single grill. The gratings are made from warp-resistant, durable cast-iron coated in porcelain-enamel, which makes cleaning it a breeze. It comes with a pair of 10,000 BTU with individual knobs, so that you can adjust temperature on any of the burners, allowing you to cook meats evenly. The grease tray catches drippings, giving meats a healthier edge by allowing fats to drip away, and the tray itself slides out for easy clean-up. It also has 2 worktables attached to the sides for additional arrangements. The worktables are removable and can be stored underneath the grill.

Outfitted with the grill is the state-of-the-art Instant start electronic ignition button and can be controlled via handy dials on the front panel. The burners require standard propane cylinder or a tank of 20 pounds, which you will need to purchase separately. Other optional accessories include the following;

Cast-iron flat griddle
Stove grate
Full-size aluminum griddle

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