Review of Char-Broil Quantum Gas Grill

The modern technology has provided us with a lot of high-tech products that make cooking easy, fuss-free, and downright enjoyable. If you are dreaming of having your own gas grill that oozes with sophistication yet still remains functional, it is just the right thing for you. It is a state-of-the art grill with an advanced, innovative design that perfectly fits today’s urbanities. This post is tailored to give you a brief description on this model’s features. In case you would like to find out detailed review about this grill, visit grill list to learn more.

It is a modern grill that you can be proud to have in your backyard as it has a compact design that gives you two cooking areas as one with a 340-square inch space while the secondary cooking space measures at about 125 square inches. The heavy-duty folding side shelves provide extra space for storing your equipment, condiments, and foods, and you can also use them as working areas. This model is made from durable and sturdy stainless steel that ensures you will have full use of your grill for many years.

It has a groundbreaking cooking system which features acclaimed and industry’s first Quantum Infrared Cooking System and it removes the flare-ups. The infrared grates increase efficiency by conducting just the right amount of heat and help eliminate annoying and dangerous flare-ups. What’s more, if you like the smell and taste of wood smoke, you can simply add wood chips directly onto the cooking grates.

Its versatile design allows its user to cook and grill various types of foods. Its two burners are equipped with a separate easy-start, easy-regulation temperature gauge that gives an accurate reading of the heat for a perfectly seared-in steak or whatever you may be grilling. Meat juices are preserved within the meats that result in mouth-watering grilled delights.

Other highlights include the Sure Fire electronic ignition and a combination of stainless steel and painted steel appliance cart construction. This 100-pound unit also features wheels at the bottom, making it easier to move without the need to lift its full weight.

It is a solid unit which is sure to last long with a proper care. It has a low price tag for a grill with a lot of versatile features and excellent functionality. The price on this grill is also not as expensive as other models of this size. This is highly-recommended as standard equipment for grilling foods in all households.

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