Questions To Ask Yousef Before You Buy A Gas Grill

If you have already budgeted a decent amount for a gas grill and picked out a likely spot to situate your new gas grill, congratulations! However, the search for a new grill is not over even after you have decided how often you are going to grill; you will have to answer the following questions to make sure that you will be happy using it summer after summer.

Where are the controls?

Many people gripe when the burner knobs are located on side tables, and not merely because they take up space that could be used to hold another dish. If you keep your grill outside, uncovered (which you probably should not), you will find that you’ll have to clean off whatever has fallen onto the horizontal burner controls. It could be leaves, bird poop or worse, snow. Horizontally mounted controls can be a nuisance to access too, so you can save yourself the stress by getting a gas grill with front-mounted burner knobs.

How hot do the burners get?

You need to take into account the heat output rating when evaluating the burners on a gas grill. The more heat they produce, the higher the British thermal unit rating, or BTU, of the grill. More heat promises, but doesn’t guarantee, quicker cooking and good sear marks, or that cooking surfaces will evenly heated.

In fact, the smaller ones can sometimes compensate for lower BTU ratings with better heat retention and distribution qualities to supply more heat than larger grills. You can ignore the BTU ratings for side burners or rotisseries, as the heat output for the main grilling area is your chief priority.

What add-ons does the gas grill have?

The majority of hinge-lidded large gas grills come with warming racks to keep food warm or heat pre-cooked food. It comes in handy if you’re cooking for a large gathering and want to keep guests happy. On the other hand, you might never use it, and its presence may be a hindrance if you need a clear cooking area.

The side burners and rotisseries can come in helpful for many cooks who intend to multi-task. These features can be great time savers and help avoid trips in and out of the kitchen, but also tend to push up the price of the gas grill. Tool hooks and side tables are useful too, but only as long as they’re made from sturdy materials.

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