Coffee from Beginning

Journey of Coffee from Beginning to Present

Europe is the nearest neighbor of Turkey and this is why coffee is mostly transported from Turkey. Historically, it was believed by religious entities that coffee is the devil drink, therefore, they declares ban on it. Well, the attraction of coffee soon admired religious entities, and soon it was declared as a true holy drink. Hence, very quickly it became a love for Europeans and there started the success and popularity of this great drink.

A French sailor took a coffee plant with him and planed it in Caribbean and then more than 20 million coffee trees were then found there within next 50 years. At that time coffee was already much popular in regions like Southern and Central America. Later legislators in America declared it as a national drink to cope up with the extraordinary taxes imposed by British on tea.

Now coffee is available in many forms and quality and has become a billion dollar business in the world. There are thousands of coffee bars all over the world. In the beginning of 19th century, Espresso was invented by the French and this idea was soon adopted by the Italians who made it an important ingredient of their culture and now there are more than 250,000 Espresso Bars in Italy.

Coffee’s popularity can be best recognized by the size of its business in this fast age. After oil industry, coffee is the second largest industry in Europe and many other parts of the world. Many countries in Europe produce coffee and it is a main exporting commodity of Brazil as Brazil holds more than 3.5 billion coffee-plants and they provide employment to around 6.5 million people in Brazil.

Coffee gained more popularity after it was discovered in Africa. The method to prepare coffee is different in every part of the world. These experiments have given birth to different tastes that are liked by almost everyone and everywhere in the world. The most common methods of preparing coffee are espresso, roasted, fresh, Turkish, cappuccino and premium. Cappuccino is prepared with hot milk, steamed milk, foam and espresso. These milk foams help coffee remain hotter for longer period allowing coffer lover to enjoy the best taste.

Besides the business of coffee itself, there is a larger portion of coffee accessories, coffee machines, single serve coffee makers, coffee gift shops that share the size of coffee business throughout the world. Without these add-ons, popularity of it might not flourish in the way it is doing now.

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