Benefits of Pineapple

Important Health Benefits of Pineapple

No doubt pineapple is one of the most favourite fruit of every person because of its sweet and tart taste and beautiful goldenness of yellow color. This fruit is globally used in many traditional and continental deserts and also in some spicy and sour meal. This tropical fruit is heart of many cuisine around the glob. Although many countries can’t crop pineapple, but they know its use very well and utilize it as can preserved pineapple. There are many amazing health benefits which we don’t know before. Now it’s not necessary to eat pineapple only for great taste but also for tremendous health benefits.

Good for Digestion

Pineapple rich in dietary fibres, bromelain and vitamin C which are best to improve digestive system. It’s also good for those who wanna loss their weight because if they digest their food properly, they can maintain their health and weight. Indigestive protein can cause of allergic infection and inflammation. Means pineapple indirectly saves you from these problems.

Prevent Free Radical Damage

Pineapple is good source of nutrients which helps to protect against free radical damage which is main cause of cell damage in body. Pineapple is rich in antioxidant ingredients which helps prevent cell damage of you.

Helps Strengthen Bones

Study shows that if a person take daily dose of manganese, he has stronger bones and tissues as compared to those person who doesn’t eat this. Pineapple is a food which is rich source of manganese which strengthen the bones and helps to improve connectivity of tissues. A cup of slice pineapple chunks or a cup of pineapple juice will help to complete the 73% requirement of manganese on daily basis which body needs.

Healthy Teeth

Pineapple has natural ingredients which helps to kill the germs of mouth and give strength to teeth and gums. Chewing of pineapple fruit can strengthen your teeth and maintain them as healthy and germs

As you read above that pineapple has bromelain nutrient which scientific proven for fighting against the virus of cancer in body’s cell. This research is not complete but study shows that its nutrients are used in chemotherapy which is first treatment of caner’s patient. Also it has beta-carotene properties which helps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer and colon cancer. Rich dose of pineapple in a week is prevent yourself from cancer.

Prevent Heart Disease

Study shows that nutrients like vitamin C and high fibre diet is great agent which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease. Pineapple juice is rich in vitamin C which reduces the risk of heart disease especially coronary heart disease. According to the study if a person want healthy heart then he should take rich dose of pineapple both in juice and raw form.

Treatment of Cold and Cough

Pineapple although is feel like cold fruit and used in many cool dessert and ice creams. But you will wonder to know that it’s best treatment of cough and cold. It has nutrients like vitamin C and bromelain. Combination of both nutrients is great cure of cough and cold. Pineapple juice is best medicine to recover cold and cough.

Best for Beauty Treatment

A cup of pineapple chunk is giving you 100% nutrients of daily requirement of daily intake of vitamin C. Vitamin C and antioxidant ingredients are good for skin and hair’s health. These two things can make you beautiful no matter which complexion do you have. It also helps to give you beautiful and fresh skin with its rich enzymes and nutrients.

Benefits of juicer recipes can be achieved if you use fresh fruits.

Eating fruits and vegetables of all kinds has long been connected with a reduced danger of many lifestyle-related health situations. Many researches and studies have suggested that the increasing use of plant foods like pineapples reduces the risk of obesity and overall mortality, heart disease, diabetes and support a healthy complexion and hair.

Pineapple juice has enzymes that can help digest proteins and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. One 8-ounce cup of pineapple juice has about 130 calories with 33 mg of calcium and 30 mg of magnesium. Without added ascorbic acid, it’s got 25 mg of vitamin C, which is a third of the daily recommended value for women (75 mg), and over 25 percent for men (90mg). It also contains 0.78 mg of iron, which is about 10 percent of the recommended daily intake for adult men .But that’s only where the benefits begin. Read on to learn more benefits about this resourceful juice.


Pineapple is the main dietary source of bromelain. While it is found in the maximum concentration within the center of the fruit, it is also found throughout the sweet parts and in the juice. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties, making it useful in the treatment of  injuries especially sports and the pain caused by the injuries.


Research shows that bromelain has the latent to act as an effective cancer-fighting agent. Claims suggest that it works in harmony with chemotherapy to restrain the growth of cancer cells. It also contains beta-carotene, which protect against prostate cancer and possibly colon cancer.

Cataract Prevention

Vitamin C also plays a vital role in shielding vision. A recent study showed that a high intake of vitamin C decreases the risk of cataract, which is cloudiness of the lens that can interfere with vision. Pineapple juice should also be used as the primary preventive.

Fertility Perks

Pineapple juice contains numerous helpful vitamins and minerals, including copper, vitamin C, folate, beta carotene and zinc. These minerals and vitamins can help boost fertility in both men and women. While there is anecdotal evidence that pineapple juice may also affect sexuality in other interesting ways.

Heart Benefits

Pineapple juice contains vitamin C that may also help to protect against heart disease. A number of studies, including one from Finland and other from China shows that high intake of vitamin C reduces  the risk of coronary heart disease. Heart disease risk is reduced with a high-fiber diet too.

Asthma Prevention

Pineapple is a good source of beta carotene that is transformed into active vitamin A during digestion process. A number of researches show that beta carotene may reduce the risk of exercise-induced asthma.

Osteoarthritis Treatment

The anti-inflammatory properties of bromelain present in pineapple are useful in the treatment of osteoarthritis 

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