Gift with Coffee?

How to Make One Perfect Gift with Coffee?

On average, a person in USA drinks about 1.6 coffee cups a day. As majority of people likes to have it, it can be used as a gift for your loved ones. This write up is all about ideas, suggestions and sources to make or find perfect coffee to make a special gift.

Coffee Clubs and Gourmet 

There are certain clubs that offer vouchers and gift coupons that can be given as gift to your loved ones. In return to those coupons, the clubs keep on giving a sample of various qualities of coffees every month. These cards and coupons also serve as a reminder every month for your thoughtfulness and generosity. On various websites like you may find various coffees of the month club for only $15 to $20 per month and this includes delivery as well. For this the member receives a variety of it with their description and literature about the type of beans used and procedure to roast.

Coffee Basket Gift

Just like fruit basket, coffee baskets are also available as ready-made or make it yourself options. You can pack a few selected types of beans inside a mug, coffee machine or carafe to make it a special gift that puts lots of impact. You can find as many online gift stores and coffee maker shops online that offer coffee themed gifts baskets for both personal as well as corporate gifts.

Gift Certificate

If your loved ones make a daily visit at their local Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, Timothy’s or any other shop next their doors or in town, a gift card or certificate will be a best gift for them. You can make a perfect small present for secret Santa, tiny treats, corporate giveaways, and stocking stuffers. You may also find personalized coffee certificates printed with the name of the recipient.

Chocolate and Candies

A sweet treat like coffee centered chocolate, cakes, candies, and chocolate covered beans are perfect for someone who loves coffee. Baked coffee sweets is the best and you can do it yourself to give a personal touch and thoughtfulness to your loved ones.

Coffee Makers and Accessories

For a real coffee fanatic, nothing is better than high-end coffee machines and accessories. Whether it is Espresso, French press, high-quality filter, scoop or reusable, anything will be appreciated by a true lover of the beverage. is a great online source for coffee accessories with a huge list of accessories and machines, especially single serve coffee makers are the best gift to give personalized gift with name imprinted on it.

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