Ducane 31732101 Affinity 3100 Natural Gas Grill Review

Ducane Affinity is built for durability and tough conditions. The three stainless steel burners promise heat of 36,000 BTU to the porcelain enameled heat distribution plates. The enameled plates ensure even heat distribution to a main cooking area of 418 square inches. Buns and various cooked foods can be kept warm on a 132 warming rack located above the cooking area, making up a total cooking area of 550 square inches.

Fueled with natural gas, it has a built-in thermometer in the center of the lid for accurate temperature readings to ensure efficient cooking times. It also makes allowances for the cook carrying more food than he can cook at one go with two scratch-resistant work surfaces that also provide space for utensil and condiment storage.

The first thing many cooks discover about it is how sturdy it is. A good cook expects the solid casters on a grill of this size, and it does not disappoint. Two of the casters are fixed while the other two are swivel-locking casters, which cooks have found helpful when they have to move and secure the grill.

True to the manufacturer’s claim, it lights quickly and there are no flare-ups at all. The grill heats with an even flame. A major plus point of having three burners is that cooks have greater control over the heat generated, and heating takes place evenly and there are fewer hot and cold spots.

Given the size and quick heating of the grill, it is able to cater efficiently to a large gathering. For example, one cook was able to turn out enough food for 12 people in a 40-minute period; ensuring guests were fed and happy. The ability of the porcelain enamel layer to reduce or eliminate flare-ups altogether also lends itself to the quality of food cooked – juices from food cooking above vaporize upon contact with the enamel layer, imparting a delicious, smoky flavor to the food as a result.

The porcelain enamel not only helps to produce tastier food, it also makes the cooking grate much easier to clean. Coupled with the lid-mounted thermometer, it also facilitates faster cooking, allowing the user to enjoy a great meal in almost no time at all.

As well as the grill performs when it comes to cooking, it would be odd not to find a review that doesn’t contain a gripe or two. One grievance that crops up consistently involves the assembly. People who bought this grill have stated that they would greatly appreciate assembly instructions that are more explicit. You can see this grill list as well to explore more brands and models.

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