Discover the Different Types of Grills!

The Charcoal Grill

We have the conventional charcoal grill that uses charcoal briquette. Charcoal grill can produce the distinctive taste found in grill-cooked foods, though it is time consuming and more effort needs to be put on cooking with this type of grill. Buying charcoal can also be more expensive than other source of fire power.

The Electric powered grill

Then we also have the Electric powered grill which uses –as the name implies- electricity and is very useful for folks who are city dwellers and are bounded by fire regulations and are not allowed to use charcoal or fire. Although this is convenient by easily starting up the heat it makes food that are nothing compared to the taste made by a charcoal grill mainly because it uses plates heated by electricity, not something that’s natural which can add aroma to the food. The good thing about this grill is that it is smokeless but being smokeless removes the flavorful aroma that the meat should have absorbed to be more tasteful.

The Portable grill

There is also the portable grill which is like a combination between a charcoal-powered or propane powered grill. This type has no particular specification on the type of resources it can use but it is mainly made to be versatile in using any of the two kinds of heat source mentioned above. This is greatly used for picnics and tailgaters since you have a choice to take advantage of being able to cook tasteful burgers using charcoal or less tasty but more efficient by the use of propane gas. However being portable means less size and less size would mean more time cooking and the inability to feed more people at the same time and is definitely not advisable for a big group of people going on a picnic.

The Gas Grill

Lastly we have the gas grill which can either use the bottled propane gas or the natural gas once you are able to tap in your utility provider. Most of the high-end gas grills can be converted from propane user to the natural gas user and vice versa. It was already mentioned above that the charcoal grill makes the most flavorful taste, but using gas for the heat source will not compromise much of the taste and you will still consider the grilled foods delicious.

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