Discover The Best Brands Of Gas Grills With Their Exclusive Models!

1 – Weber Genesis E330

Weber Genesis E330 is a breakthrough when it comes to gas grills. Featuring the control knobs in the front for extra control of the heat and 2 great big stainless steel work areas make it simple to keep all of your grilling need within easy reach.

You get perfect sear marks on all your steaks and burgers with the high powered sear station burner which gives you maximum heat without taking away any of the primary grilling space. The sear burner allows you to turn the heat up when required for perfect searing marks.

This also features a side burner that is flush with the rest of the grill, so that you can simmer sauces or gravies for slathering on your favorite dishes. The electronic ignition gives you a quick and easy start every time. You will know exactly how much propane you have thanks to the precision fuel gauge and the enclosed cart keeps it looking great as it hides the liquid propane tank.

The porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates let you cook with an even amount of heat while making searing marks you can be proud of. The center mounted thermometer ensures the perfect temperature for all of your grilled foods. You will love its look with copper colored steel doors and aluminum end caps that complement the stainless steel. You can learn more about Weber at Grilllist.

2 – Char Broil

Char Broil Heatwave with its infrared cooking is just one more discovery made by Char Broil for an excellent cooking experience. Two troughs are used for channeling the radiant heat into infrared heat that then cooks your steaks, burgers, chops, etc. This provides 100 percent infrared heat for cooking. You will not have to worry about flare ups or charring when you are using it even if you choose to add your own wood chips for a smokier flavor, thanks to the unique design system.

Using an infrared cooking system also means better efficiency and higher heat for cooking with just three burners. The primary cooking area is 550 square inches and also features a side burner for cooking sauces or other lighter dishes on the side.

Two more great features buyers love are the electronic ignition which makes for an easy start up every time and the dual fuel system that allows the grill to be converted to natural gas easily. You will also love the look of the grill in your back yard or on your patio with its slick metallic porcelain top and doors to match. Keep your firebox clean for extra safety and use a cover to extend its life.

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