Cuisinart CGG-200 All-Foods Tabletop Gas Grill Review

This tabletop gas grill packs enough heat a cook needs to prepare anything from the thickest steak to delicate asparagus spears. Like all good gas grills, the Cuisinart comes with twist start ignition for guaranteed lighting with each use and a temperature gauge for accurate cooking control.

Portable Design Coupled With Culinary Expertise

The stainless steel burner heats the cooking area within minutes, and the porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grate consistently produces flavorful food. The folding side shelves ensure that storage is never an issue, and you can take your cooking on the road too thanks to the convenient carrying handles.

True to Cuisinart’s approach to appliance design, it has a removable all-purpose veggie panel can be switched with purpose-built panels to cook other items like pizza and bread. The panels fasten securely to the cooking surface, yet are easy to remove and clean.

Perfect For Picnics and Tailgating Parties

The enameled cast iron grate ensures that excess grease burns off quickly on the flame guard without eliciting flare-ups, while the drip pan contains all runoff. Barbecue aficionados won’t have any problems with cleanup thanks to the easily attached drip pan. It slides in right under the grill and its easy removal facilitates cleaning. As easy as it is to clean inside the grill, the stainless steel exterior only needs a wipe every now and then to look as good as new.

Intuitive Cooking Is a Breeze

The user reports stated that the burner comes on in an instant and the cooking surface achieves 500 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes. The cleverly located thermometer banishes any uncertainty a cook might have about the temperature, providing accurate readings and ensuring the cooking surface is heats evenly.

Another review noted the novelty of the reversible grill plate, pointing out that the bars come to a point on one side while being flatter and wider on the other. The former is perfect for substantial items like steak, while delicate food like fish or burger patties grill to perfection on the latter.

Assembly May Be Difficult For Some

There has been a review or two critical of the assembly required. These pointed out that the intrusions do not inform the users that there are two washer configurations, i.e. self-adhesive, and screw-on. There have also been suggestions to remove the flame guard during assembly for better screw alignment. There are no complaints about the actual cooking performance of the grill.

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