Char-Broil 06401206 Grill-2-Go Advantage Review

Char-Broil 06401206 allows for open flame grilling with 16,000 BTU on two stainless steel burners with independent, precision control on a cooking surface measuring 308 square inches. The designers also thought it viable to add a nonstick, Teflon-coated griddle for cooking versatility. The porcelain-coated cooking grates are dishwasher-safe for convenience.

Its tabletop use is possible due to the removable body. Cooks can grill at night or in low-light conditions with the detachable LED light that runs on four AA batteries. Keeping tools organized while grilling becomes less of a chore – the folding side shelves contain tool hooks, and there is a bin for storage as well as a paper towel holder and trash bag holder for convenience.

Generous Heat That Doesn’t Blow Out

More than one review pointed out it was good to have a relatively small, portable grill that provided generous heat. The open flame concept means that cooks and hungry campers or tail-gaiters don’t have to stand around for very long, as they would while waiting for lava rocks in a grill to heat up. One of the best things is that the wind never blows the burner out.

Other cooks loved the options presented to them by the griddle. More than one camper was happy to report that they were able to cook pancakes and eggs outdoors, which added a new dimension to the camping experience. The foldable shelves on either side provided more than enough storage space for extra food and implements, and the storage bin added to the overall organization. In addition to being lightweight and portable, it is quick to assemble, set up and break down.

Cooks As Quickly As a Large Grill Does

Though portable, it is by no means stingy where the cooking area is concerned. Cooks were delighted to find it was more than capable of serving a hungry party of 10, while another cook used two of the grills and grilled enough hamburgers to feed 120 people, and in the same time needed for two “full-sized” grills to boot! The porcelain-coated cooking grate ensures that flare-ups don’t occur while cooking, and cleanup afterwards, whether by hand or in a dishwasher, is easy. It is also fuel-efficient, needing less than a bottle of gas to cook 70 hamburgers. Users also have the option of adapting it to use a 20 lbs. tank instead of a 1 lb. cylinder.

Potentially Annoying Set Up

A few users mention that setting it up for standard use is not as easy as perceived. It has to be lifted off the frame before the legs are extended, then replaced in order for grilling to proceed. The same process has to be repeated when breaking it down after use. It can also be difficult to monitor fuel usage, as it does not have a propane gauge to inform cooks of the remaining gas level.

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