Breville BSC560XL Vs. Crock-Pot SCCPCTS605-S

Breville BSC560XL Review

Breville manufactures fewer slow cookers, however, it doesn’t mean that it has poor products. On the contrary, it has excellent slow cookers, among which, Breville BSC560XL is the superstar.

Tired of all round shaped slow cookers? Considering upgrading the crock pot to a larger version with enhanced functions and designs? Then you are truly in luck with the Breville BSC560XL. Its high performance with an EasySear option makes it stands out. This feature allows you to sear/ brown the meat on a stovetop first before transferring the whole pot to slow cooking. In this way, this cooker produces much tender and juicy meats in less time than your outdated slow cooker.

Wrap-Around Heating Element

It provides even cooking temperatures throughout with the wrap-around heating element. The temperature is controlled with a control dial, which in addition helps handle your temperature smoothly. The wrap-around heating element not only keeps your meal cooked evenly, but also saves you time and money from the energy bill.


Insert can be used on the stove-top
Roasting rack included with package
Dual setting automatically switches from high to low after two hours
Seven-quart insert can accommodate large roasts


Stainless-steel lid can’t see through
No keep warm setting
Its unique design makes it a professional slow cooker, though a little expensive. It provides the most convenience and of course, efficiency. Now, you should cook like an expert with this crock pot.

Crock-Pot SCCPCTS605-S Review

A slow cooker is an essential cooking appliance in the kitchen, but Crock-Pot SCCPCTS605-S adds some transport-ready features, which makes it even more versatile for patio, picnics, tailgate suppers and taking to pot luck dinners. As there are consecutive holidays, it is time to drive out and go on some picnics.

It actually comes along with some brand new features. The major selling points of this unit include HeatSaver and portability. According to experts’ experiments, it can keep food warm longer than ordinary slow cookers in circumstance of no power supply. In addition, it’s specially designed for making transport easy. Not to mention it’s a great programmable slow cooker.

HeatSaver™ Stoneware

It is made of special heat-retaining material that has been confirmed to keep food hot up to much longer and it means that the prepared foods can be really ready to serve on arrival. I bet you’ll love that, with this feature, the flavor of your meal is preserved and ready to enjoy when you are.

Full Programmable Pre-set Digital Controls

You can simply select from four pre-set time settings as your recipes demand. It also features a travel temperature gauge and which is a huge enhancement. It offers at-a-glance checking of the heat status once the unit has been unplugged, and you can tell when you need to re-plug it into the base.


Great portability
Heatsaver stoneware keeps food hot longer
Digital control panel with travel temperature gauge


It has an electrical/chemical smell when first use

All in all, it brings something brand new, actually it shocked me with a reasonably price. I have to say it make cooking easy, and it is easy to get your dish from here to there.

You have read the reviews of both and now you to decide the best crock pot for yourself.

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