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Weber Genesis E-310 Review

When you are looking for outdoor grills, it is sometimes not easy to find the one that will suit your needs. With so many brands and competitors trying to sell their items, all of them claim to be the best. It is one of the best grills in the market that will give you value […]

Weber Genesis E-310 Gas Grill Review

It is another in the line of Weber gas grills that has seen the improvements and upgrades without compromising the cooking performance. The enclosed cart is handsomely designed and designed to hide the fuel tanks. The folding side tables provide much needed work area to make the grilling more convenient and efficient experience. The Weber […]

Weber 586002 Q 320 Portable Liquid-Propane Gas Grill

Most people would say that going out on a picnic is mostly about grilling and cooking barbecues. Aside from the quality family time that we enjoy having meal together with the family, the grilling of foods is an essentially fun activity, though exhausting at the same time. Preparation includes packing the grill station that you […]

Tips to Choose the Best Gas Grill

When you compare the preparation and cooking time of charcoal and gas grill, that covers the taste difference charcoal can make. We can spend a hundred to a thousand dollars to buy a gas powered grill and buying something around $300-700 will already get you a gas grill that can last several years. Most of […]

Tips on Choosing the Best Gas Grill

Natural gas grills are better options as compared to others for outdoor cooking. You can hire a certified contractor to extend the gas pipeline to the place you want to set your gas grill. There is only one limiting factor that is linked with gas grills and that is you cannot carry it to your […]

Salient Features of Coleman 9949 Gas Grill

There are a lot of gas grill manufacturers out there that will come and go while others stick around and remain on top for many years. Coleman is one such brand that has become a household name because of their excellent and top-quality outdoor merchandise like ice buckets, water containers, sleeping bags, etc. And when […]

Review of Weber Genesis E-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

The cook box and shroud of Weber Genesis E-310 is of cast aluminum, and its shape with shroud let the right circulation of the heat for proper cooking of food. This cook box and shroud boast of four components in the cooking system i.e. cooking grates, burner tubes, flavorizer bars and the grease management system. […]

Review of Weber 426001 Q 300 Propane Gas Grill

It is a portable gas grill that is designed for families that enjoy making barbecues any time, any place. It has a compact design but loaded with the good product features that the Weber brand is known for, durability and excellent quality performance. Durable Cook Box and Shroud The cook box contains all the components: […]