28 Food Blogs You Need to See

With the diverse world that we live in, there also comes a plethora of possibilities to experiment with the kind of food we want to have and how we want to prepare that food. The digital world has opened the gate of opportunities for numerous food enthusiasts to document their food journey online and in turn motivate people with similar interests to enter this foodie world. This article will guide you through some famous food blogs around the world. So, let’s dive into it:

Tarla Dalal

Being awarded Padma Sri, Tarla Dalal has changed the scene for the industry by selling almost 10 million copies of her cookbooks covering multi-cuisine food recipes and what not.

Cookie and Kate

The founder of the blog relies on differentiating the recipes not only by cuisine but also by diet, season, and ingredient.

Minimalist Baker

The recipes here typically call for 10 items, one dish, and almost or less than half an hour to complete. It is not only a food blog but there is an area where you can find a collection of free tools that can be used to start your blog or, if you already have one, turn it into a lucrative company.

Archana Doshi (Archana’s Kitchen)

Archana Doshi, an IT professional by trade, began her site to offer inexpensive DIY fixes for common cooking issues. So, based on her own culinary experiences, she began the Indian cuisine site. She publishes films on her own YouTube account, Archana’s Kitchen, where she discusses creative cooking techniques. You now know where to go if you’re searching for a recipe for dinner at home.

Divine Taste by Anushruthi

A gate pass to famous exotic recipes around the world, her blogs offer a special category for pure vegetarians under the Sattvic food section.

Damn Delicious

A Korean heritage food blogger, along with the team articulates recipes from Asian and American cuisine with a step-by-step guide.

Saffron Trail by Nandita Iyer

As a nutritionist, she aims to help people in today’s era with limited time to eat healthily. From oats dhokla to healthy recipes, she shares her knowledge about anything and everything related to food.

101 Cookbooks

Started by a California-based food blogger Heidi Swanson, the blog is a storehouse for 700 vegetarian, vegan, and whole food recipes. The blog also occasionally features, soup, pasta, and sweet recipes.

Closet cooking

The name is a depiction of the author’s cooking space—a space that is no larger than a closet. But don’t let the extremely small kitchen deceive you for even a moment. Kevin’s meals are anything but dull, with some favored-by-men recipes, decadent sandwiches, and insanely delish-looking wraps on show.

Love and Lemons

Giving you the option to filter your recipe search by holiday, meal type, season, ingredient, etc., this blog has almost most of the recipes as vegetarian.

Two Peas & Their Pod

With their interest to share the recipes from their day of the wedding, Maria and Josh started this blog which gradually started to grow with regular posts. With almost 200 recipes related to cookies, the blog covers various other recipes as well ranging from savory to healthy.


Sailaja Gudivada founded this blog and specializes in Andhra cuisines. Sailu is a devoted organic gardener in addition to being a culinary writer and photographer. Her exotic and delectable recipes are simply outstanding during the various Indian holidays.

Flavours Of Mumbai by Maria

Maria, a resident of Mumbai and a foodie, raves about the flavorful and enticing street cuisine there. Her site, Flavour of Mumbai, correctly describes the dishes she offers as street food, regional, spicy Goan cooking, and eggless baking. Additionally, Maria’s site has various sections for budget and low fat where you can find dishes that can be made swiftly with little expense and to lose those excess pounds, respectively.

Shivesh Bhatia

Vanilla biscuits were Shivesh Bhatia’s first made good. He had taken pleasure in the procedure even though they were burned. His love for baking then started. He set up an account on Instagram and began blogging in 2014. Better Homes and Gardens awarded ‘Bake with Shivesh’ the best treat blog prize in 2017. In 2022, he also received the Exhibit Magazine culinary star honor. His novel “Bake with Shivesh” is a top seller on Amazon.

Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes was started to offer delectable dishes that are economical. It addresses the fact that not everyone can afford to make elaborate meals with time-consuming recipes and costly materials. Beth Moncel is the author of Budget Bytes. She wishes to support wise eating, cooking, and shopping. Her site offers a variety of recipes, along with information about their costs, preparation times, alternate methods, and step-by-step pictures of each dish.

Vegan Richa

Richa is a culinary writer and recipe creator. She is the mind behind the delicious dishes you can find on VeganRicha.com. In 2009, VeganRicha.com was created. Richa is a fantastic cook, but she was once a program engineer. After a string of health problems, including one that necessitated brain surgery, her passion for eating increased. Richa started experimenting with cuisine during her leisure, and that’s when her site started to take off.


Started a decade ago, the aim was to bring cooks from all over the place together to exchange recipes. With tens of millions of cooks on the website, the site is also a home for thousands of recipes and a guide to shop the things you need to make those recipes successful and discuss the results with a like-minded community.

Sally’s Baking Addiction

Sally not only shares her wisdom on what to bake but also focuses on how to bake covering the basics of baking and how to bake from scratch.

Serious Eats

With a focus on skill and a distinct approach to what they share, Serious Eats is more interested in the craft of cooking. They put those recipes on the blog that have never been seen before, and they have a section devoted to grilling various cuisines. Additionally, they have pages on culinary histories and know your components.

Edible Garden by Nagalakshmi

Her site offers a variety of recipes, including conventional, contemporary, and simple meals. Nags’ cookbook Cookingandme contains dishes from various localities. It is the ideal location for anyone who wants to live in a mobile house but is away from home. One of the most popular Indian cuisine websites is hers.

Sweet Life

Sugar has almost nothing to do with the blog’s name. Vianney who belongs to South Texas and grew up in a Mexican family was motivated to blend the flavors from the two cultures she belonged to. Available both in English and Spanish, her recipes range from simple to complex and elaborate ones like tacos similar to taco bell and fajitas.

Tinned Tomatoes

Scottish chef Jacqueline, who specializes in vegan and veggie cuisine, is the author of this site. Her recipes can be found on multiple websites, and she regularly organizes “blog events.” She is an active blogger and very engaged in the online community. Although she has approximately more than 500 recipes on the website, her passion for pastry is most evident. As the blogger loves to discover things her toddler will like, this is a wonderful place to find “family-friendly” recipes.


Cherie Tu is a vegan cuisine blogger who is based in Sydney, Australia. Her dishes are all made from scratch using only the purest, vegan-friendly materials. Anyone could lose hours browsing her mouth-watering stream.

Smitten Kitchen

One of the well-known culinary websites today, Smitten Kitchen features over 800 recipes from various cultures. Deb Perelman invented this site, demonstrating that anyone can make a delicious dinner regardless of kitchen size—hers is 42 square feet. Deb wants her recipes to be simple and use components that are easily attainable to create meals without the use of “pretentious ingredients.”

Love & Olive Oil 

Budget-friendly recipes that are quick, tasty, and intriguing. Three of these writers’ cookbooks, which reflect their diverse culinary pursuits, have been released.

My Name is Yeh

Molly not only provides her followers with recipe ideas and advice by structuring her blog material like journal notes, but she also gives them a peek into her everyday life, which increases the relatability of her material.

Chitra Ammas Kitchen,

Here you can find an abundance of knowledge and motivation for making a broad range of cuisines, including many vegetarian choices, focusing primarily on South Indian recipes. The local specialties include Bondas, Morkuzhambu Vadai, Porial, Halwa, Thoran, and Adais, to name a few.

Indian Food Express

Indian Food Express is a gorgeously shot blog by Master Chef winner Geeta Sridhar that dives deeply into the world of Indian cuisine. It features amazing recipes for celebrations and vacations as well as more straightforward food for daily pleasure. Try the recipe for delicate coconut payasam or try the fiery black eye bean stew with phulkas for something different. No matter what you choose, you won’t go famished!


Food bloggers are dominating the web. They offer a wide range of recipes for different meals around the world. These food writers write engaging blog entries, many of which are accessible across all social media channels. You can adhere to them and obtain the finest dishes for various cuisines. So, what are you waiting for, browse them and have fun with food or have food with fun!