Things You Must Know About Tablecloth

Our design studio keeps up with the times and desires of our customers. Therefore, we offer unique, beautiful products that are easy to use and individual in execution.

Tablecloth-sticker on the table

This is the best solution to economically and beautifully change a worn countertop. Stickers for any table are the only inexpensive solution that will not have to throw away the table due to cuts, chips, scuffs and unpleasant circles from hot dishes. The tabletop will not only become new, but will also emphasize the interior of the room, with the right choice of image. It will make the table richer and more appetizing. Within 3 minutes, the countertop can be made exactly the way you would like to see it. You can also check sticker for countertops.

Our design studio offers a wide range of images and textures for your table, which you can choose from our catalogs. Designers can make an individual drawing for you, and you can also offer.

Table design with tablecloth sticker with glow effect at night

Here you can order a sticker on the kitchen table with the effect of glow in the dark. A pleasant light glow will make it possible not to turn on the light in the kitchen at night. The glow is quite enough to distinguish between furniture and dangerous corners of the interior. Stickers for a children’s table are just a brilliant solution. World maps, tables and alphabets, fairy-tale characters and favorite cartoon characters. The images on the children’s table can be absolutely anything, but the main thing that you can surprise the child with and make his table and children’s room fabulous unique is a table with a glow-in-the-dark effect. The image on the table will glow with a pleasant warm light all night’s your own

Image. The choice of our tablecloths on the table is inexpensively unlimited by absolutely nothing. Any colors, any images, any sizes and shapes.

This does not require additional costs of electricity and a bunch of dangerous wires. Stickers for the children’s room are charged by daylight or electric light themselves during the day and then delight all night with their magical light. Do not leave nightlights on so that the child is not afraid of the dark. No need to worry about the fact that at night a child in the dark can stumble on a sharp corner of the table. You just need to buy a sticker for a children’s table with a glow in the dark effect and make your child’s world safe, cozy and comfortable. No need to worry anymore that stains from paint, indelible smiles, various chips and cuts appeared on the table. The tabletop is easy to restore after children’s creativity with a new tablecloth sticker with any image. Your desktop brings inspiration, good luck and very versatile? The tabletop is worn out and spoils the look of the entire interior, but you don’t want to part with your favorite table?

Desktop stickers are an unusual and economical solution.

Any image, any texture, any size and shape. Your table will not only be updated, it will become unique and will delight you for a very long time. You can place positive or wise quotes or photos of your beloved and dear people on your table. Beautiful picturesque places to cheer up or talismans for good luck and inspiration. What should be your table is up to you to decide.

Modern, high-quality, lightweight solution – table stickers and their advantages:

The choice of images for your table is unlimited (we will find any image from the Internet in our catalog of HD quality and the right size. Our designers can create a picture from your thoughts and which is not even on the Internet)

Our stickers are made from German materials, which means that the edge or corner will not peel off over time, the colors will not fade and the richness of the image will not disappear.

German materials are very presentable in appearance and very pleasant to touch, but most importantly, they have passed all tests for safety and quality. They can be safely used on the kitchen table and in the children’s room.

Ultra-easy installation

The choice of sizes and shapes of the table is not limited.

 Only we offer stickers with glow-in-the-dark effect and without it. (Glow effect 8 hours without additional charge) The choice is obvious today. Be modern, creative and individual in everything. Our design studio 3D Linker is your desire and your choice.