Comparison And Buyer’s Guide To The Best Electric Whisks

A good cook must have at his disposal some devices which will facilitate the tasks. If, for example, you want to make a sponge cake, it is essential to have a whisk or an electric kneader for mixing and whipping the egg whites .

Did you know about wire whisks in bulk?

That said, if you find that the price of the mixer is too high, we recommend that you opt for an electric whisk. The latter will be able to ensure the success of your recipes and you will be able to please your family.

Where to buy an electric mixer?

The market offers you an infinite number of models that will not fail to please you. That said, you can find a great device at an unbeatable price. Where ? We’ll help you get your hands on what you’re looking for. You can go to

Supermarkets when you go to your supermarket, all you have to do is go to the appliance section. So you will find everything you want there and at totally different prices. The advantage of the supermarket is that you can find several brands that compete directly. Therefore, you will save money because they are less expensive.

Appliance stores we advise you to go there only during sales, because the prices are really excessive. You will inevitably come across good quality, but your wallet will not come out unscathed.

On online sales sites very trendy at the moment, buying on the Internet allows you to find the best offer and prices two to three times cheaper.

How to choose the right electric whisk?

To get hold of a good drummer, he will have to meet certain criteria. Indeed, you must commit the money and have a good return afterwards.

The price it is one of the first that you should know. You don’t have to use all your savings on a cake maker. No ! What would be more advantageous is to buy during sales periods. Quality very important, you should know that when you buy bad quality for a few dollars, you should know that the latter will give up on you one day and you will be forced to buy a new one. The options the different brands that you find on the market are scrambling to bring you the best inexpensive electric mixer. Some have more buttons, others have less speeds… You can find all shapes and kinds. What we suggest is to take what is best and at the same time at a good price.

Performance a kitchen mixer should above all serve you. When you put egg whites in snow for a sponge cake or a meringue, for example, you need to be sure that your appliance will be up to it. For those who don’t know, cooking is a world that needs strength and the right equipment.

What can you do with a kitchen mixer?

If you want to know about what to do with an electric mixer, then you will need to grab a pen and a sheet of paper to start taking notes. This little gem will allow you to achieve

Cakes of different kinds chocolate cake is undoubtedly the most famous. Thanks to this little wonder, you can indulge yourself and make it happen whenever you want.

Creams pastry cream, mousse line or even Brule. The electric whisk allows you to make unique and tasty desserts.

Cheap electric whisk the price comparison

The whisk is an instrument used in the kitchen just like the kitchen blender, which allows us to knead and prepare good meals. It is a very useful and necessary means in the kitchen.

The latter is used by the greatest starred chefs in the world. Existing for a few years, the whip takes on another dimension and becomes electric. Also known as an electric mixer, this one can be found in every department . Those on a fairly tight budget don’t have to worry, as there is some kind of cheap electric whisk out there. If you want to buy it, we will give you some tips through this article.

Why use a beater?

This is undoubtedly the first question that comes to mind. The answer is very simple. When preparing a recipe, using an electric mixer allows you to

Knead the dough with the hook .

Successful recipes for dessert creams such as the floating island or cream Brule.

The mixer is easy to clean , as all you need to do is rinse out the accessories.

Where can I find a cheap Kitchenaid whip?

The Kitchen aid brand is one of the best known brands in the home appliance world. Available everywhere, the best electric kitchen whisk is not far from where you live, because you can find it at

Supermarkets you can go to one of the supermarkets closest to you and go to the “appliances” section where you will also find hot dog machines . You will find your pleasure, because the prices are quite affordable.

Specialized stores open their doors to you to buy a good electric mixer. However, be aware that the prices are a little higher than elsewhere.

What is the point of having it at home?

If you really decide to go to the kitchen, know that it is mandatory at home. Indeed, you must undoubtedly have it if you want to make good culinary recipes. However, be sure to check the warranty of this instrument during your purchase . So, if you have a problem or a manufacturing defect, you can return it to change it or get a refund . The electric mixer is a great small investment and a must have in your kitchen. Don’t waste any more time and go order it.

Professional electric whisk the best is yet to come

To make good cakes, you need to have a good recipe and have good equipment.

Today, thanks to the virtual world and the internet, you can easily make recipes at home and at low cost. You will therefore no longer need to lose money. For those who do not know it, the drummer is an instrument made up of one or more straps. Its job is to stir or mix ingredients to create a smooth paste.

The internal aspect

If you have decided to buy professional equipment, we recommend that you take into account certain criteria. Before you buy it, you need to check the motor. Indeed, it is the most important, because buying a good drummer without performances, will be strictly for nothing. What you should know is that the professional electric mixer has variable power. This ranges from 150 to 600 watts. This gives you a large amount of kneading and is therefore dedicated to professionals.

Also, you must take into account another point that still exists at the level of the engine. However, we are talking about the dimmer. The mixer has a speed variator. You should know that the recipes differ and that each has a rather specific kneading rhythm. For example, the speed with which you make a cake and a cream is not the same. So, pay attention to it and indulge yourself by making a success of your preparations.

If the motor is perfect, you must turn to another point which is none other than the outer face. Indeed, you must find

The design buying a powerful drummer is one thing, but looking good is still a plus. That said, you can find a professional kitchen electric mixer in many different forms.

Weight is also an important point, because when performing the mixture you should not feel any heaviness in your arm. No ! the best kitchen mixer is undoubtedly one with a light weight. Therefore, you will be able to wield it as much as you want.

The right use Having an electric mixer that is easy to use is also a great thing. More and more beaters are created with less vibration during use. This however suits its user. You will not be disappointed.

Mini electric whisk customer reviews

Cooking is a unique way where we let our imagination and love for dishes conquer our mind. Indeed, you can indulge yourself while creating recipes that your family members will really love.

That said, to make all of these sweet dreams come true, you need to be in possession of the right equipment. The first thing you need to think about is the drummer. Indeed, you just need to first see the prices, quality and accessories that appear there. Then proceed with the purchase. If you are someone new to the field, you will only need a mini electric whisk.

The accessories of the small electric whisk

To be able to proceed with the purchase of the latter, you must be made aware of the accessories available to it. Indeed, it must contain

A good motor Even if your device is small, the motor power should be strong, because it is not the size that matters.

Little vibration the thing that bothers cooks the most is vibration. Moreover, the manufacturers have understood this well. Today, you have at your disposal a mixer which does not make too much noise and which facilitates the kneading work.

Different uses  when you plan to buy a device, make sure that it has several mini-instruments that will allow you to use them for different cases such as breads, creams, etc.

The prices of whips

The brands that we see in the window offer you unique prices. Indeed, some are more expensive than others, but also more efficient. That said, you can find what you need thanks to the various internet sites specializing in sales or even during sales periods . What we can advise you however is not to rush, because you can always find cheaper elsewhere.

Why use it?

As we told you before, the mini electric mixer is a great way to knead. It offers you the opportunity to make unique pasta.

Also count that the latter allows you not to make too much effort. That said, you can gain energy and you won’t risk getting tired.

The most important thing with the mini whisk¸ is that you can indulge yourself by making excellent meals at very reasonable prices.

The household appliance market continues to innovate and create all kinds of inventions with the aim of

Make you happy

Find what suits you best

Make your daily life easier

Make sure you can’t miss any dish, even the most difficult.

Comparison And Buying Guide Of The Best Tefal Stoves

You have already experienced this unbearable situation during which your meal had ended its existence in the trash because it had hung, even burned.

You may know about frying pan tefal.

Buying a Tefal pan and pan can be a solution to many problems, but there are several models available.

We offer you a comparison, it will help you in your research whether you want to acquire a Tefal induction stove or a Tefal ceramic stove. Ideal to accompany your robot cooker ! Indeed, this company has taken into account all contexts in order to design a product in line with your needs.

The brand is often selected by USA households, because several advantages are at the rendezvous whether it is about the robustness or the disconcerting ease to clean a Tefal frying pan. No need to take out the heavy artillery, because a simple sponge turns out to be sufficient.

It is a saving of considerable time and especially a good economic which is promised. Even if the selling price is a little high, it is important to specify that this utensil is not expensive in view of the identified advantages.

The Tefal Titanium Pro frying pan

If the Tefal Ingenio induction pan does not meet your expectations, because the removable handle is not an important criterion for you, you can always choose this range. Whether for a 24cm Tefal induction pan or a 32cm Tefal induction pan, the resistance remains a strong point not to be put aside even if you have intensive use.

The 2 tips for choosing a Tefal frying pan

n the culinary field, this brand is undoubtedly the most famous. So you can fearlessly acquire the best Tefal stove by browsing the Internet. However, there are many models, it is imperative to use several elements that can help you make the right choice. A rating for this Tefal pan, a review for the Tefal pan and a dedicated comparison to the Tefal pan should help you in this somewhat difficult task since you also have to find the best price for the Tefal pan.

With a comparison for a Tefal pan and a test for this Tefal pan, you can quickly target the Tefal Ingenio pan that meets your expectations. Be careful with compatibility, however, as not all pans work with induction. This is a real specificity since this coating requires a precise material. The brand has designed a Tefal induction stove or a set of Tefal induction stoves. Do not hesitate to use a comparator for the Tefal pan to find the rare pearl.

A Tefal ceramic pan or a Tefal Titanium pan often requires a considerable space, because the handles are not removable. They tend to butt against the closet door, making storage very difficult. Tefal has been an ingenious brand by offering handles that easily clip from one pan to another. You can thus stack your Tefal Ingenio pan without force, your Tefal Titanium pro pan or your Tefal pan of 32 cm. In this way, you remove all the weak points and you keep only the good sides. It is at the same time practical, fast and aesthetic since these utensils are pleasant to contemplate.

Editor’s Choice Tefal H054S544 Frying Pan

Food lovers like to prepare good food, so they are not against the idea of   buying a Tefal pan as a set. You thus have several products which accompany you in your various preparations.


This set offers you several saucepans with a diameter ranging from 14 to 24 cm. The non-stick coating is the main strength of this battery since food does not stick and cleaning is significantly simplified. The interior is graduated to help you quickly read the liters. You finally have a coating that changes color when the temperature is right.


Customers recommend conventional maintenance and not the dishwasher, it could interfere with the operation of the coating.

The Tefal frying pan L6509902

This brand has studied all the needs of consumers in order to offer them a set of Tefal stoves. It is very easy to store since the containers are stacked thanks to the handle that can be removed. The handle is also removable and adapts to all saucepans.


The coating is titanium, so it displays a very good robustness and a longevity which allows you to make profitable the price of the Tefal pan. The set is made up of several saucepans with dimensions that are both practical and pleasant for cooks.


A small precaution is to be taken at the level of compatibility. While a 28cm Tefal pan can be used with an induction hob, this set cannot. So be careful when buying the Tefal pan. This allows you to limit unpleasant surprises as much as possible.

The Tefal B3000602 frying pan

Consumers tend to favor a Tefal stainless steel frying pan, because it is both robust even if it is necessary to have a promotion for this Tefal frying pan because of the advertised price which is often very high.


This model is available in several versions, because it is possible to get a 20 cm Tefal pan at an attractive price or a 32 cm Tefal pan with relevant reviews. The choice depends on your needs and especially on the space available in your closet. The weight is not excessive for this utensil and the heat diffusion is optimized thanks to the coating.


This Tefal frying pan on Amazon has the means to fill you up, but unfortunately it is not compatible with induction hobs. You can use it only with gas for example, but these plates are not taken into account.

The Tefal First Cook pan

Instead of buying a Tefal oven pan, Tefal Meteor pan or Tefal Ingenio induction pan, it may be a good idea to go for a set. So you have three utensils ready to support you in all your culinary preparations. This lot has some strong points, particularly in terms of the coating.


There is no need to add fat with this inexpensive Tefal pan because the coating is non-stick. This is a real plus and it also allows the heat to be evenly distributed over the whole of the cheaper Tefal pan. This allows you to sear the food more than 180 degrees for maximum efficiency.


The quality is there as well as the practicality. You will therefore not be disappointed with this sale of the Tefal pan.

The stone frying pan at Tefal

As is the case with the Ingenio stove at Tefal, resistance remains the most interesting strong point for this Meteor range. Scratches are relegated to oblivion thanks to a mineral silica surface. The latter also offers utensils a very attractive trendy design.


A speckled color gives character to your kitchen.

The Tefal induction pan is scratch resistant.

Mineral silica is present in rocks.

The presence of Thermo-Spot technology.

The inconvenients

The range is not very extensive, including a Wok-style pan from Tefal.

The pancake pan at Tefal induction

This product has the advantage of being available in several ranges, so you can get your hands on a 20 cm Tefal Ingenio pan or even a ceramic version. It is a much more interesting utensil especially if you want to get tasty pancakes cooked to perfection. With traditional utensils, they are often burned, with the Thermo-Spot, you only pour the preparation at the right time.


A sturdy Tefal crepe maker pan.

The pancake is cooked very quickly and evenly.

Your delicious pancake will not be burnt.

The grip is ideal with this handle.

The inconvenients

Be aware that the Tefal pancake pan is not always compatible with induction. The Ceramic range and the Character are available for all hobs, but this is not the case for the Extra Brownie which is a Tefal gas stove. It is therefore useless to buy the latter if you have a ceramic hob for example.

The waffle pan at Tefal

Usually, households buy a cheap and traditional Tefal induction stove, but reading this test, you will quickly understand that there are many references. No need for example to dwell on the sale of a classic waffle iron, because this inexpensive Tefal pan has the means to get you excited


Your waffles are not going to stick.

Compatibility with electric, gas and ceramic glass.

Cooking waffles is quick.

The inconvenients

No compatibility with induction.

Baking waffles is done on one side only

However, there is a variant for this product, because on one side you have the one dedicated to waffles and on the other the pancake pan from Tefal. The concept remains the same since you have compartments that must be filled with the preparation. There is still one small difference, it revolves around cooking. You can turn your pancakes with a utensil so that both sides are tasty. It is possible to perform this step for waffles, but it is laborious.

The Tefal Talent frying pan

In this range, you have in particular the presence of a Tefal pan for the oven or a Tefal grill pan. The products are interesting thanks to a titanium surface which provides maximum robustness. As is the case with the Tefal ceramic pan, you have the Thermo-Spot which helps you control the cooking to be perfect and healthy.


Compatibility with the attractive oven.

The set is really complete and suitable for all preparations.

Durability is twice as important.

The inconvenients

Considering the price of Tefal induction stove, you will not be disappointed at all. For this range, the drawbacks are therefore not identified, because all gourmets will be satisfied by these products. It may therefore be wise to study the opinions referenced on the Internet from every angle, because they will motivate your purchase whether it is on a traditional online store, Amazon, an ordinary store …

Tefal campaigns for the environment

Recycling the Tefal pan is quite possible, because the brand is part of an ecological approach. Whether you have a classic version or a Tefal stainless steel pan, you can bring back your kitchen utensils. For this, the company has set up a partnership with the largest shops, which facilitates the collection of used products. This is an important gesture for the planet, but it is also good for your wallet, as a discount voucher is given out. In addition to a promotion for the Tefal pan, this operation allows you to pay less for your utensil.

Some consumers are interested in this initiative, but, for Tefal, it allows recycling to be optimized. It is important to note that several tons of cookware end their existence in the traditional trash cans each year. Households are not always aware of the damage that such a practice can cause on the planet and their daily lives. It is for this reason that the brand communicates regularly on available events. This generally makes it possible to enjoy a comfortable reduction of around 30%, or even 50% for certain models.

All cookware in the Tefal range are generally compatible either for recycling or for purchase with the voucher.

Editorial advice for buying the best Tefal pan

Whether you are a true cordon bleu or a Sunday cook, the Tefal pan remains an essential part of your kitchen. To sear meat or brown vegetables, your Tefal l2049302 or your Tefal l8551004 is irreplaceable. In the kitchen departments, you have certainly noticed the multitude of models available for your Tefal authentic . Your purchase for this Tefal stove is not always easy, as there are a lot of different prices and you might not know how to tell the difference between a cheaper

Tefal stove model and one with a price for the Tefal stove plus raised. To help you better understand the specifics of this utensil, we offer advice, but also a commentary for the Tefal pan as well as a comparator for the Tefal pan to help you find the best Tefal pan. While we’re in the stoves, have you checked out our article on kerosene stoves ?

To choose your Tefal Titanium pro , you will need to consider the base material and the coating. The most affordable and popular stoves are aluminum ones . You will also find stainless steel models or a  T efal ceramic frying pan which is more ecological than Teflon and which constitutes a very good non-stick coating. The traditional cast iron pan still exists, but it is heavier and its maintenance is more difficult.

Next, think about the size of your stoves . Do you need a Tefal stove model at an attractive price for a particular use? Or do you want to equip your kitchen with different stoves that you can choose from depending on the occasion? In this case, it is advisable to opt for a set of Tefal stoves .

Before buying a Tefal pan , take a look at the type of plates you have in your home and check the compatibility. The problem generally arises with induction hobs , in which case you can opt for example for a Tefal Ingenio induction stove.

Other elements may interest you such as the comparison of a Tefal pan . The sale of a Tefal pan with a removable handle, for example, is particularly popular for easy storage and small footprint. The presence of the Thermo-spot for your Tefal stove whose reviews are positive is also appreciated to better control the cooking of food, think about it when you look at the classification for the Tefal pan .

The bestseller the Tefal frying pan

Discover a set of two 24 and 28cm frying pans with removable handles for healthy cooking thanks to its non-stick coating , no fat is needed! These models are compatible with all hobs, including induction. An essential utensil to have in your kitchen to make all your favorite recipes.

The set of Tefal stoves

A brand new Tefal stove set with relevant advice  to equip your kitchen! You will be delighted with the three formats offered in this set which will adapt perfectly to romantic dinners or family meals. The removable handle of your test for this Tefal pan  allows you versatile use.

Discover the Tefal ceramic frying pan

Let yourself be seduced by the ceramic for Tefal Ingenio Force stoves ! This silica-reinforced coating offers great resistance and allows cooking without fat. Very robust, this pan is resistant to metal utensils.

How to recognize the best Tefal pan?

You want your food to cook under the best possible conditions, but you must buy a specific range. Indeed, Tefal can really stand out from the competition since you have very pleasing characteristics. Entry-level products are often problematic and you just have to test your different utensils at home with a very simple concept.

If this is the case, choose a suitable program with a relatively low temperature, in particular so as not to mar the sleeves.

Otherwise, cleaning by hand will be sufficient, but forget about the mythical steel wool.

You can therefore use a smooth, non-abrasive sponge, or even a clean piece of cloth.

Dishwashing liquid is not necessary since the residue does not stick, but you can still use it.

Rinsing with hot water will remove all the grease and do not hesitate to dry your pan thoroughly. You can then store it in your cupboard or drawers to save space, especially thanks to the removable handle.

How to react if the coating comes off?

Unfortunately, with some stoves, you are not immune to this major inconvenience to your health. This is because when the coating is of poor quality, it can detach from the substrate and the residue mixes with your food. Some studies have shown the dangerous nature of this use since it can have carcinogenic substances due to a more or less strong cooking.

If you find that the coating is going off on a Tefal pan, it is best to quickly turn to the manufacturer’s side.

Some cookware is guaranteed for several years, you may be able to get a refund.

When the stoves are old enough, it is highly inadvisable to use them, as the situation can be dangerous for your health.

Even if you try not to cook on the side where the coating comes off, you are not sure if the residue is on your dish.

It is also for this reason that many people opt for very different stoves. They are made of cast iron or stone, this avoids these inconveniences and you can also optimize the cooking since you do not need fat.

You take the best Tefal pan and cook a hamburger, for example, with a little butter.

The fatty substance is even unnecessary since the base is designed for cooking to take place under the best conditions.

You do the same with your lambda pan, but a few seconds later you’re trying to peel your meat.

This is completely attached and cleaning the bottom will be chaotic, if not impossible without using a sponge with an abrasive side.

With the Tefal pan you can remove the meat and no residue will be present , it is thanks to this that you can recognize a utensil of this brand. There is also a macaroon in the center that changes color when the temperature is what you expect. Do not neglect the reviews for a Tefal pan either, as some ranges are better than others like the Ingenio. The latter is often cited by Tefal and the opinions are very sympathetic.

you will be able to find very relevant opinions for this extreme Tefal Ingenio, but the quality is necessarily there. This is a complete kit, you have pots, some kind of wok, more or less large frying pans and lids. These are essential for stewing, for example, and you will even have very clever versions. You just have to position it on the top of your saucepan to drain it, this avoids you having to use a classic colander. For the Tefal Ingenio authentic, the opinions clearly live up to expectations, because this range meets very high standards.

The handle is removable and it still has a lifespan of 10 years.

The utensils are made of stainless steel, so you can keep them for a long time even with heavy use.

Whether for the Ingenio performance or expertise, you have the ThermoSpot, it is the famous macaroon in the center.

When you place your stove on the fire it is traditional, but it gets redder and redder from the heat. Because of this, when it is clearly visible, you know the temperature is perfect and you can start cooking. This is a detail that should not be overlooked, because you know that the products will not be denatured, you keep the vitamins and nutrients. For this Tefal Ingenio, the reviews also mention the content which is very relevant thanks to several diameters whether for the sauté pan, pans and saucepans. The most ingenious product concerns the removable handle since you stack the utensils while saving space.

Which Tefal range to choose?

You have two ranges at Tefal and you can already find the product that suits you. If the space in your cupboards is not significant, you must necessarily adopt the Ingenio since the handle is removable. It is enough to carry out a test to see that the advantages are really numerous while the quality is identical. Conversely, if it is not your hobbyhorse, you can opt for a fixed shaft. You can then opt for the special versions for induction, the Elegance with a glittery background or the Character model which is very aesthetic thanks to a red coating. The Tefal authentic range according to the opinions is also interesting since it is affordable, the coating is of quality and you have many products. If you are looking for which Tefal range to choose, I can recommend the one with the removable handle, because the space saving is really interesting.

Is the removable handle interesting?

In the Tefal range, you have classic containers and others are equipped with a removable handle. The latter is really effective since it optimizes the storage of your equipment. It is enough to have small enough cupboards as well as the drawers to quickly understand the strong points.

In your drawers, the handles of pots and pans are quickly unbearable, because they take up space.

To optimize storage, you have a removable handle, then just remove it to efficiently stack all the containers.

This is not possible with products that have a fixed handle, so you will quickly find a change.

Tefal offers a universal handle that adapts to all containers in the range, whether it is a pan or a saucepan. With a very nice mechanism, you clip the handle on the edge and you can secure it with a button. To remove it, you proceed in the same way and you can then install it on another container of the brand. It is important to specify that they are often not compatible with other products of a different brand, it can even be dangerous. When the handle is not properly installed, the container can clearly fall.

Pay attention to the maintenance of your stoves

If you are not careful, cleaning can be problematic or even damaging. If the non-stick coating is soiled, there is a good chance that the food will stick and you will therefore no longer be able to use your equipment. It is advisable to follow our recommendations, this will prevent you from making mistakes.

When pans or any other dedicated cooking containers are marred and scratched, you can’t fix them.

It is then necessary to check that the utensils are compatible with the dishwasher, this will prevent them from being damaged.

Comparison And Buying Guide Of The Best Coffee Percolators

Coffee is one of the most loved foods by the global community. Indeed, it is one of the healthy and exciting substances most consumed by men who find it a unique and irreplaceable taste.

Check this out glass coffee percolators.

The coffee is consumed after filtration at high temperature, which requires the use of various devices and accessories for the production of the liquid to be consumed. Many electrical appliances are now designed by manufacturers specializing in household appliances and professional kitchen equipment . Among them, we find the coffee percolator which finds its use in various homes and cafeterias.

The sale of coffee percolators is not very successful. Indeed, this is a professional device generally used for making large quantities of coffee, so it is not very sold.

We will establish a test and comparison of coffee percolators for various models designed by different brands. This makes it easy to choose yours when it comes to buying a coffee percolator.

How to recognize a good professional coffee percolator?

To help you recognize a professional coffee percolator , we will present a fairly powerful and efficient model.

The best choice for a coffee percolator

To choose the coffee percolator, it is essential to first know the type of use. It would be possible to establish a list of criteria to favor in order to make the perfect choice.

To help you, we will describe the selection criteria around the advantages and disadvantages presented for a model of coffee percolator for 100 cups. This is the Bartscher Pro A190191-ba.

Benefits of the Bartscher 100-cup coffee percolator, the Pro A190191-ba

It is possible to make an impressive amount of coffee with this machine. Indeed, with a full tank you can make up to 15 liters of coffee, which is perfect for professional use.

The stainless steel tank is accompanied by an insulation system which has insulating walls that ensure optimum temperature maintenance inside the tank, which saves energy. These walls also reduce the spread of heat to the outside, which makes the device very secure.

The integrated heating system ensures excellent temperature maintenance when filtering coffee.

The coffee is collected easily and without splashing, thanks to the anti-drip tap and the collection support.

It is very easy to operate this machine. In fact, all you have to do is place the coffee and water in their place and activate the start pushbutton.

A fill indicator is placed on the structure, which allows the user to check the amount of water available.

It has two LEDs which monitor the percolation of the coffee.

A thermometer is placed on the device, which allows the user to monitor the temperature during performance, and at the end of use.

The transport of this device is simplified by the two small handles placed above the device.

It is very simple to maintain this device, which can save the user time and prolong the efficiency of the machine in the long run.

Very fast coffee making, which is perfect for professional use.

The built-in filter can be used continuously, reducing the cost of making coffee.

This device is highly rated on online shopping sites, which makes it a reliable product with a good reputation.

It can be used with different types of ground coffee

Disadvantages of Bartscher’s 100-cup coffee percolator, the Pro A190191-ba

This price is quite high.

The balance of this device is not worked. Indeed, it can overturn easily, which can be very dangerous.

The best brands of coffee percolators

There are different brands in the market that produce different types of coffee percolators. You can choose the best ones a coffee percolator from Delonghi, Calor, Bartscher, Alpinox …

We are going to take a look at a small coffee percolator from Calor. And for that, we are going to present different advantages that this device has.

Benefits of Calor’s Small Coffee Percolator, the ZJ-88 B00L37AZ90

The user can make a fairly large amount of coffee with this device. Indeed, it is possible to make up to 8.8 liters of coffee, which is equivalent to a number of cups between 40 and 50, ideal for semi-professional use.

The stainless steel tank has a heating system with double wall, which ensures a perfect temperature maintenance inside, thus reducing energy consumption. This system also makes it possible to limit the propagation of heat on the external walls, which provides better safety of use.

The heating system used by this appliance allows you to maintain a perfect temperature during the brewing of the coffee, thus giving excellent results.

The tap placed on this machine allows the coffee to be collected easily and without splashing.

The use of this device does not require a great deal of knowledge, it just requires a little precaution. In fact, all you have to do is fill the appliance with water and coffee and start the heating with the ignition button.

The two LED lights placed on the device allow the user to know the progress of the making of the coffee.

This device is very easy to transport, thanks to the two ergonomic handles placed on the top.

It is very easy to maintain, which keeps its long term efficiency while saving user time.

A high-quality design supported by the integration of perfectly matched materials, this increases the life of the device.

It guarantees a very good price-performance ratio.

Cons of Calor’s Small Coffee Percolator ZJ-88 B00L37AZ90

The aesthetic side of this device is neglected.

The use is not perfect for all types of coffee.

The most inexpensive coffee percolators

It is possible to establish a list of the most advantageous criteria for a coffee percolator in order to succeed in establishing a perfect choice, when purchasing this type of device. This list can bring together the common characteristics that the most efficient and secure percolators can have.

To help you recognize an advantageous coffee percolator , we will establish a description for a model at Alpinox.

Advantages of the Alpinox 7L coffee percolator with filter for 48 cups

It is perfect for making a fairly large amount of coffee. Indeed, it is possible to produce with this machine up to 7 liters of coffee, which is worth about 48 cups.

The stainless steel tank has a double-walled insulation system that optimally retains heat, to reduce energy consumption, and limit the propagation of heat on the external structure, which makes the safer use.

The heating system is quite good since it allows to keep a constant temperature during the percolation of the coffee, which gives very satisfactory results.

The anti-drip tap placed on the machine allows the coffee to be collected in an ideal way.

The use of this device is very simple. In fact, all you need to do is fill it with water and coffee and activate the push button.

It is equipped with two bright LEDs which indicate the progress of the preparation.

A great power which allows to reduce the time of preparation of the coffee, a perfect asset for saving time.

The manufacturers of the percolator have opted for high quality materials which allow to extend the life of this device.

It is very easy to carry thanks to the two small handles placed on the top of the device.

It has a full indicator, which is convenient for monitoring the amount of water.

The maintenance of this device is very simple to perform, which not only saves the user time, but also enjoys maximum operating efficiency in the long run.

It comes with a permanent filter, which eliminates the need for the user to purchase one.

Disadvantages of the Alpinox 7L coffee percolator with filter for 48 cups

It does not have a reception support for the cups.

The best tips for choosing the right coffee percolator

Are you a great coffee lover, are you looking for an instrument that will allow you to make a delicious, rich and powerful coffee in a minimum of time and effort? Nothing better than a coffee percolator to enhance your morning ritual. Today we offer you a coffee percolator comparison to help you choose the best coffee percolator that will meet all your expectations and needs. To purchase this coffee percolator, follow our guide!

To choose the right coffee percolator on Amazon, you must first know how it works. A coffee machine with a percolator must be used on a gas stove. The heated water in its tank must go up along a pipe to impregnate the coffee in its filter, and thus bring out all the aromas gently. Today there are electric models.

So check that your coffee bean percolator is made of materials that will withstand heat and will not alter the taste of the coffee. For this, choose a coffee percolator whose price is affordable in stainless steel and glass. Avoid plastic, which can distort the taste of the coffee.

To buy a coffee percolator, decide on the size of your percolator according to the number of coffees you want to make a mini coffee percolator for the home, or a coffee percolator for a bar that can make up to 100 cups for the professional or associative environment.

Finally, decide on a coffee bean percolator or a ground coffee percolator depending on the coffee you use.

A large volume for a successful coffee

The Casselin coffee percolator will be the ally of your professional meetings with its large capacity of 15 liters. This 100-cup coffee percolator will allow you to delight many people, all at a very affordable price. Electric, it consumes little energy, while allowing you to make up to 100 cups in 40 minutes.

The coffee percolator for 100 cups of Casselin

Advantages this professional coffee percolator with its permanent stainless steel filter which protects the flavor of your coffee and its double wall against burns, is an ingenious and easy-to-use coffee bean percolator . Ergonomic, it will easily integrate into a professional environment.

Cons Comments for this coffee percolator point out that this model has a smaller capacity than indicated.

A low price for optimal quality

This better price for a coffee percolator is ideal if you want to make a large number of cups at an affordable price. Its small size coupled with its large tank capacity of 4 liters, will make it the essential accessory for large receptions and other meetings.

An efficient and compact percolator

With its 7 liter capacity, the Aroma 50 Cup Coffee Percolator is perfect for your hotel reception, or your business break room. Lightweight and easily transportable, this promotional  coffee percolator is also of high technical quality.

The best value for money

Thanks to our comparator for the coffee percolator , we were able to realize that this model of inexpensive coffee percolator presents a perfect alchemy between reduced price and quality of manufacture. This device is perfect for making large volume coffee, while preserving all its aromas.

The best tips for choosing your coffee percolator

If you are looking for a coffee percolator for professional or home use, we are here to help you make up your mind. Indeed, choosing your coffee percolator is a much more complex matter than it seems. Indeed, there are many different models of coffee percolators on the market, whether it is the manual coffee percolator or the mini coffee percolator. You must therefore take into account certain criteria to buy a coffee percolator and not only focus on the price of the coffee percolator. Here, we invite you to discover some tips to choose your coffee percolator more easily, and in particular to find the coffee percolator that will perfectly meet all your needs.

You must be particularly interested in the use that you are going to make of it. If you want to use this coffee percolator in your professional activity, then you should rather look at professional coffee percolator models such as the coffee percolator for 100 cups or the coffee percolator for 50 cups.

Sometimes, some professionals also opt to rent a coffee percolator which is more advantageous. However, if you want to use your coffee percolator for home use, then the choice is even greater. If you have a favorite brand of coffee, then you can choose between the coffee percolator from Delonghi and the coffee percolator from Krups. Your tastes will also be taken into account when choosing your coffee percolator.

For this it is necessary to know if you prefer ground coffee or beans. The answer will allow you to choose between the coffee bean percolator or the ground coffee percolator.

The second tip for choosing your coffee percolator without focusing only on the coffee percolator, the price of which can be affordable, is in particular to help you with the comparison for the coffee percolator. In particular, it references the most trendy and efficient models of coffee percolators on the market.

Thus, you will be able to discover a classification for the coffee percolator according to the price, but also the technical characteristics of each product. A commentary for the coffee percolator is also present on each product in order to highlight the advantages and disadvantages. A test for the coffee percolator is also carried out to ensure the proper functioning of each model.

Finally, if you want to make real savings on your purchase of the coffee percolator, then we recommend that you wait for a promotion for the coffee percolator. The latter will allow you to find the best coffee percolator. An excellent solution to achieve great savings on your purchase of a coffee percolator.

You are not in front of a traditional coffee maker since coffee lovers tend to choose it thanks to its operation

You fill the tank with water which is heated and then sent to the circuit.

Thanks to this high pressure, the water reveals all the aromas of coffee, the grinding of which adapts to your desires.

The coffee obtained is brilliantly much stronger than that offered with a classic coffee maker.

With this procedure, you obtain an espresso coffee or a coffee a little longer, which will however have less aromas. If the pressure has been sufficient you will have a fairly light layer of foam forming, which is often much appreciated. When it is not present, there is a good chance that the device is not of quality. Other conditions must be taken into account for the use of your operating percolator

It is better to use filtered or mineral water in order to remove the lime scale, it can give an unpleasant taste to this drink. This water penetrates more easily in the coffee to develop all the flavors.

The water is therefore heated to a very high temperature around 90 degrees, so be careful when handling your coffee. This makes it possible to have steam which consists in increasing the pressure.

The water present in the tank is therefore expelled and when it comes into contact with the coffee, the aromas are immediately developed.

Then just use the spout to fill one or more cups.

The 50 cup percolator works the same, but the only difference is in capacity, as it is often used for events. Compared to the best traditional percolator, you will probably not have this very nice little foam, because the coffee remains several minutes in the tank before being served. When comparing the percolator, look carefully at the quantity offered. The more important it is, the more this use of the percolator will be similar to a traditional coffee maker.

As you can see, it is undoubtedly the pressure that allows your coffee machine with professional percolator to be top of the range. It must offer you at least 15 bars, but the higher this value, the more developed aromas you will have. If you are a real coffee lover, it is best to steer your choice towards a professional 100-cup percolator that offers much greater pressure. Admittedly, the price will also increase, but you will really notice a difference with an entry-level reference which does not exceed 10 bars.

Not all devices are capable of providing such pressure. So be careful when purchasing your inexpensive professional percolator, because the pump must be efficient. The latter has the most important task since it has to increase the temperature of the water so that the vapor can develop. If it is not qualitative enough, the water will be lukewarm and you will not have that significant creamy little foam. Of course, the pressure of your coffee machine with professional percolator is essential, but it is not the only criterion that you must take into account

Some cafes are not designed for such pressure. Ask about specialized brands, in shopping centers you sometimes have packages that are reserved for a professional Italian percolator. A small drawing informs you about the compatibility.

If you intend to grind your beans, use a fine grind again or more or less thick depending on your coffee machine with professional percolator.

Depending on the price of the professional percolator, it is sometimes possible to use capsules or pods, but generally the coffee is not compact enough. So you don’t have very pleasing aromas.

When shopping for this professional percolator, ask about these machines that have a special machine for grinding coffee beans. It is perfectly suited to this model and you can thus choose the most appropriate finesse to develop all the flavors.

It is therefore not so easy to find such a machine which can also take up a significant space especially if you have a grain mill. Depending on your use, your appliance will no doubt be roughed up, so you will need spare parts for a professional percolator. Your device should be easy to repair if you ever have a problem. Target especially renowned machines which have a fairly extensive catalog, otherwise you will be forced to acquire a new model.

You are a coffee lover, but you do not have the space to install a classic machine. The latter can be quite bulky because of the capacity of the tank and the presence of the grain mill. However, you can enjoy quality coffee using a small electric percolator. Some models have a size that does not exceed that of a water jug. You can therefore store them in cupboards or leave them on the worktop.

Generally, this small coffee percolator is especially designed for couples or students, even people who are alone at home enjoying such a drink. So you don’t need a 100 liter tank. The operation is generally very simple, especially for a small manual coffee percolator. You need to fill the tank with hot water and pour in the ground coffee. After a few seconds, a little pressure allows you to filter the drink. Granted, there is no pressure so you can’t have this very nice little foam. This is possible on a small professional percolator since it is usually equipped with a pump that produces steam.

This small coffee maker is also very easy to clean, you can sometimes run all the accessories in the dishwasher or under hot water. On the other hand, there is a negative point, because if you intend to serve yourself several coffees during the day, this procedure will quickly be laborious.

What are the uses of a coffee percolator?

If you want to host friends or plan a party, you may want to offer coffee since it is the most popular drink for both men and women. Of course, the traditional coffee maker is not the most interesting since the jug is too small. You will therefore have a much too low capacity and it will be necessary to launch several achievements, which will tend to damage it very quickly since it is not intended for such intensive use. It is for this reason that the coffee percolator is ideal, it has some strengths that should not be overlooked.

You can have a separate or integrated filter, this makes it easier to dose the flavors.

There is a large capacity since you can have almost 14 liters for the best coffee percolator.

Several brands are available on the market including the Aroma version which allows you to prepare nearly 110 cups at one time.

I recommend you buy the best percolator that has a pouring spout , so you can fill the cups with real ease.

In terms of price, you have to take into account the capacity, so you will have products under 100 or 150 euros.

The coffee percolator is often made of stainless steel, so maintenance is easier since you quickly remove waste.

Do not hesitate to compare all the references since the brands are numerous and you will need this diversity to succeed in finding the percolator you need. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a product that you can use on a daily basis if you are alone drinking this drink, for example, since you will have a significant amount of waste. For my part, I do not appreciate the reheated coffee, it always has a very unpleasant taste in the mouth, hence the interest of buying a small coffee percolator, but in any case it will be too big for your family.

The percolator is then reserved for more substantial uses such as weddings, family meals, parties with friends … In some contexts, you could even consider two or three products from the same range and you will therefore have to use a whole packet of coffee. For very regular uses, I can also recommend a professional percolator which will certainly be expensive, but you will have quickly paid for this investment. The Italian professional percolator is also very encouraging.

For a small percolator you must have 140 grams of coffee, this corresponds to 35 cups, or 4 liters. For the 11 liter versions this is 110 cups, it makes sense to have almost 500 grams of coffee. You must therefore fill your appliance with the necessary quantity of water and pour your coffee into the filter. There is often an area provided for this, this prevents you from filtering the drink or having particularly unpleasant residues. Percolator coffee is often the same, however it is a little tastier since the quantity of water is important, so it is appreciated by all people who like light drinks. Therefore, you must take into account the capacity of your coffee percolator to be sure not to go wrong.

When the percolator has finished preparing your drink, you can use the small spout to fill the cup or the tumbler and this device has the particularity of keeping all the heat. Indeed, the most advanced models are very pleasant, because you will have a conservation of your coffee for nearly 45 minutes. For the weakest references, you will be able to get a hot drink for a maximum of 25 minutes. You will then have to consider a second pass, but the taste will not be as expected since you will have a burning sensation in the mouth, it is quite persistent, hence the interest of being vigilant during the preparation.

Pay attention to the capacity of your percolator

You probably think that this device can accompany you on a daily basis, but the reality is clearly different. Indeed, the capacity is very important, you can then have more than 100 cups, hence the interest of focusing on several aspects during your purchase.

The percolator is often reserved for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties .

For family meals, however, you must be several dozen for this device to be effective and profitable.

You can also fill a cup each time, but the best solution is to use a larger container.

You fill the famous container and this allows you to then serve several cups, it avoids you having a queue at the level of the coffee percolator.

Have a coffee worthy of the name like the professionals

Coffee is arguably the most consumed drink around the world, but not all references are so encouraging. Before you start buying a percolator, you must already take into account your consumption. If you drink just one coffee per day with your breakfast, it will be pointless to buy a luxury product from the Krups brand for more than 400 euros. Certainly, you can look to save money with the grain mill.

For fairly large consumption, it is wise to adopt a product that is very easy to use.

The percolator is ideal, but when it is manual, you must tamp the ground coffee well so that the drink is pleasant in the mouth.

It takes some knowledge and a little time, but you can adopt an automatic percolator.

This appliance is perfect since you fill the tank with ground coffee or beans.

When you start the program, the machine takes care of filling the percolator and packing it down according to the coffee strength you want. This is very effective and you will quickly be overwhelmed by this format which clearly deserves your attention.

The quality of this drink lies in the coffee

You will be able to buy all the most advanced machines all over the world with amazing features, the coffee will be bad if the raw materials are not of good quality. Therefore, in order for your percolator to be able to satisfy you, you must be much more vigilant when choosing the coffee whether it is ground or in beans.

For ground coffee, you have to be precise when buying and especially if you are grinding to measure.

It is necessary to specify whether you have a coffee maker with a classic filter or a grinder since the fineness of the coffee will not be the same.

If you have a grinder, know that the coffee beans are much better since you will not have the residue sometimes present in the packages.

You can then adjust the coffee strength and even the fineness thanks to a grinder integrated into your percolator.

With a quality coffee and a powerful machine, you will finally be able to enjoy a real moment of relaxation thanks to this hot drink which should not be abused. Since it contains caffeine, it is best to drink it before 5 p.m. and with control.

What are the Common Types of Countertops?

Wood and Wood Veneer Countertops

The solid wood or wood veneer countertops are ideal for the lovers of nature, the authentic and the exclusive. These are environmentally friendly and unique. There are numerous types of products and finishes available.

You must know about crystal countertops.

However, the most important thing is to know the enormous amount of types of wood that are offered. What fits best with your kitchen and your personality? A traditional maple top? A warm, romantic cherry-top? Or rather the funky woods of fashion like the zebrano or the walnut?

The wooden countertops are very nice, but you should not forget that a wooden surface requires specific care, which can sometimes take a long time, since if you want to enjoy a hygienic kitchen and without stains for a long time, you have to impregnate the wooden countertops on a regular basis and in cleaning, you have to pay particular attention to the cracks that may be present in the wood.

Corian Countertop

The best known of artificial stones is the Corian, product patented by DuPont. Due to its characteristics, it is very malleable and is therefore the first choice for use in kitchens and bathrooms for the reason that it adapts to the individuality and creativity of the consumer. The exterior values of elegance, clarity and brightness are complemented by practicality.

The Corian is absolutely smooth and free of grooves in which the dirt could accumulate. In addition, the solid material does not lose color even when it is exposed to the sunlight. The countertops are made of one piece, and in their assembly, they are joined and glued with a special glue and are presented as a continuous unit and without slots. As a rule, the sink and the hobs are flush. The Corian is available in a wide variety of the colors.

Stainless Steel Countertops

As a preferred material for sinks and appliances, steel has been a major player in the kitchens for some time. However, what has long been a common practice in professional kitchens can also be applied to your home, a stainless steel countertops in your kitchen.

The steel sheets are of variable thickness, depending on the quality and have the molded and welded edges. This countertop is perfect for soldering a sink and a cooking plate flush with the surface. Even the finest stainless steel countertops are extremely stable with a very attractive optics and are increasingly used in the design kitchens.

Stainless steel has many advantages as it is not only very attractive to the eye, but due to the qualities of its surface, it is unbreakable and easy to care, very functional and suitable for daily use. The drawback is that on the stainless steel surface, fingerprints and scratches are clearly visible and virtually unavoidable.

What are the Advantages of a Granite Tile Countertop?

Is it practical to get a granite tile countertop? People may have mixed answers about this. There are of course advantages and very few disadvantages.

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So if the benefits are more than the negative then for sure you will have to try getting one for yourself Granite is very durable. It will last a very long time in your kitchen and even without losing its luster. Everything will look really old but granite tiles will just be finer as years go by. It’s not just all about how it looks but is also about how it is easy to clean and maintained. Let’s face it cleaning the kitchen is hard enough and if you also have a countertop that is hard to tidy up then the more headache you can have.  So it is really good to have a granite countertop for your kitchen and it is something that you will not regret purchasing and putting in your kitchen.

Countertops are an area where you do a lot of things. It can be the one that holds your sink where you wash dishes as well as clean food. It does get wet a lot of times but granite does not easily lose its luster even if it is exposed to a lot of wet activity in the kitchen. This is a very important aspect of the granite tile countertop you will be able to let it be and practically has no maintenance. You just have to try and keep it dry once you are done using the kitchen and that it.

You would always want your kitchen clean. It is very important that you are working on a neat kitchen because food is cooked and exposed here. This is the best advantage of granite because it is known to resist bacteria. When cleaning your food you want to make sure that the area where you cleanse it is actually safe and will not get dirt and bacteria in the food. This takes care of a lot of worried as you know that your family or people in the house will always be healthy even if you chop or roll dough on the granite tile top.

So getting a tile countertop first will beautify your kitchen. It just seems to have this certain aura of attractiveness. This is a great advantage especially for people who want to personalize their kitchen or match a particular motif. With the different designs for sue you will find one that suits you or you can have one customized exactly to your liking. Getting a granite tile top is easy as even on the internet you can order one. You will get a lot of information from companies distributing granite countertops and for sure you can get all the answers to your questions. You will be surprised to find out how this material can fit your budget for home improvement.

What Countertop Material Should I Choose?

Ceramic Countertops

A material that was initially reserved for the aerospace industry, today, we find it also in our kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to all its innovative and practical features.

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The ceramic is hygienic, easy to clean and resistant, adapts to all weather conditions and is very versatile. You can clean your ceramic countertop with all common solvents, disinfectants and cleaners without damaging the surface. It is a hundred percent natural product that does not give off any substance and is therefore totally safe when it comes into contact with food. As always, you have to take into account the requirements of a ceramic countertop which can perfectly adapt to almost any circumstance.

Concrete Countertops

The kitchen designers have rediscovered a traditional building material, and it is the concrete, the ultimate in countertops. The stability, the malleability and the iridescent color characterize the slabs of polished light concrete with a natural wax that guarantees a long useful life.

A concrete countertop is not only scratch-resistant, but above all it is unique. In the mixing and casting, the characteristic brightness is generated which is a part of the typical characteristics of the concrete, whose color range evolves with the passage. The concrete is protected from stains with the use of natural waxes and sealants. For cleaning and maintenance, just wipe with a soft cloth every day.

Glass Countertops

The glass is an elegant alternative to the traditional countertops. It has long made its triumphal entry into our kitchens and bathrooms and everyone knows the advantages of this material as it is unbreakable, scratch resistant and needs easy care.

The glass countertops combine all these advantages. They are hygienic, extremely easy to clean and the only material that can scratch them is one that is harder than them, the diamond.

The glass countertop neither be burned nit it absorbs the moisture. This means that the water stains, swellings or undulations to the countertops are already a thing of the past. Once manufactured, neither the color nor the shape of the glass will change again. In addition, glass countertops do not absorb odors.

Of course, we cannot forget the aesthetic properties of the glass. Do you want an extravagant and modern kitchen that radiates luminosity and provides a futuristic image? In that case, glass is your material.

On the surface of the countertop or the area of the shelf, you can print any desired motif with a special screen-printing process. Tempered glass countertops and shelves will give your kitchen an exceptional touch of distinction. In addition, this material barely limits your creativity, as it is easy to care and safe.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The focus of cognitive therapy methods is less how the patient acts. Rather, their attitudes, thoughts, evaluations, and beliefs are important. The patient should learn to change their perspectives and reactions to events and things, i.e. to actively shape them. People with depression can use this to replace negative thoughts with more rational ones. People with psychosomatic illnesses can reduce or correct distorted body perception and misinterpretations of body perceptions.

Common techniques include collecting and recording thoughts that come up automatically, and arguing against them. In addition, the patient learns “reality testing” and “DE catastrophic” thoughts.

What mental health problems can behavioral therapy help with?

Behavior therapy offers help when thinking, feeling, experiencing or acting is disturbed. It is suitable for adults as well as for children and young people.

It has proven particularly useful for depression and anxiety (phobias, panic attacks), as well as for eating disorders, addictions and compulsions. Therapists also use them to help after trauma (e.g. after accidents or abuse), self-confidence problems, and stress-related illnesses such as burnout and life crises. Behavioral therapy itself dispenses with medication. However, it can also supplement accompanying drug and other medical treatments.

How long does behavioral therapy last?

In the case of outpatient psychotherapy in statutory health insurance, there have been so-called short-term therapies and long-term therapies until now. Depending on the length, the average length varied between 25 and 45 hours, with a therapy hour being approximately 50 minutes. Normally one session per week takes place during an ongoing therapy. But some problems can also be solved more quickly, for example only ten hours are necessary. The health insurance companies pay a maximum of 80 hours of therapy.

Where can I find a good therapist?

There is a search function for therapists, for example, on the Internet portals of the American Association of Psychotherapists and the American Academy of Psychology. Behavioral therapists are psychotherapists with a certificate of expertise in behavioral therapy. They are psychologists or physicians by their basic training. (Social) educators can become psychotherapists for children and young people. However, in addition to their “basic job”, everyone has to complete a three to five-year additional course in psychotherapy.

The professional title “Psychotherapist” is protected by law. It may only be worn by therapists who have a professional license (approbation) based on the Psychotherapist Act or as a doctor with appropriate additional training.

Factors for the success of therapy

The expert can assess what is the right form of therapy or combination in individual cases. However, it is just as important as the form of therapy that the relationship between patient and therapist is right. If the patient feels in good hands when talking to a therapist, an important prerequisite for the success of the therapy has been met.