What are the Best Restaurants to Enjoy

Thai Restaurants

If you love Thai food, then you will certainly be spoiled for the choice! Dubai is home famous Thai restaurants such as Pai Thai, The Royal Budha, The Thai Kitchen, Thai Chi and Thiptara which serve the best Thai cuisine. The ambiance is authentically exotic, the food is fragrant and tasty, and the staff is knowledgeable. You will find many more options when you are looking for something spicy and exotic in Dubai.

Chinese Restaurants

The Chinese restaurants in Dubai are certainly not in short supply at all. Among those on offer are Royal China, Hakkasan Dubai, Chinese Village, Bamboo Lagoon, Bamboo Chinese and Wokyo™ Noodle Bar. You will find cuisine from all areas of China in Dubai! From dim sum to Peking Duck, to traditional noodle and rice dishes, whether it is a set menu or take out you want, you will find it all here.

Traditional Cuisine

If you do want to try some of the traditional local cuisines while you are in Dubai, then you have plenty of options there as well. Some of the best restaurants include Qbara Restaurant Lounge & Bar, Al Dawaar – Revolving Restaurant & Lounge, Ostro Mediterranean, Al Hallab Restaurant & Sweets, Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Café.

Breakfast Restaurants

If you are looking for breakfast restaurants, then you are going to be spoiled for the available choices. You will find everything from food on the run from street vendors, to sit down mega buffets. Some of the best breakfast restaurants in Kuwait are served in the fancier hotels, and you have plenty to choose from. Some of the famous ones include Breakfast to Breakfast Baker & Spice, Arabian Tea House Restaurant and Café – Bastakiya, Bertin Bistro and Restaurant and The Cavendish Restaurant. You really can visit any top hotel or resort in the city, and elsewhere, and find just about everything from sublime scrambled eggs to a full continental or English breakfast.

Pizza Restaurants

If you love pizza, then you will not be disappointed by the restaurants in Dubai at all. Aside from chain restaurants, serving American style pizzas, there are also authentic Italian eateries such as Bussola, Debonairs Pizza, EST! by Signor Pomidor, 800 Pizza, Rossovivo Artisan Pizza and Sapori Di Bice. There are also other Italian delights, aside from pizza, on the menu. In fact, whether you want antipasti, Italian desserts or other specialties, you can find them all here.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Comfortable Kitchen And its Design

 The kitchen is often called the heart of the house, so its design should be treated with special attention. It is very important that you enjoy cooking and eating. We will tell you what parameters a comfortable kitchen should have, what color and style to prefer when designing it.  

What size should the kitchen be? The minimum area of ​​this room in the apartment according to modern standards: 4 – 5 square meters with a width of 1.6 meters. But, of course, it is more comfortable to have a larger kitchen than these: preferably not less than 8 square meters, and even better – 10-12 square meters, with a ceiling height of at least 2.6 meters. 

Furniture for kitchen 

Experts advise to answer some questions before choosing a kitchen set and other furniture. Namely: 

-How many people will live in an apartment and who will cook more often? 

-What form is your kitchen (square, elongated, etc.) and what is the best way to arrange furniture in it? 

-What household appliances do you need and where is it better to place it? 

-How much space is needed to store food and kitchen utensils? This will ultimately affect how many and which cabinets and storage modules need to be ordered. 

-Where will the dining table be located: in the center of the room, by the window, in the corner? This will help you choose the most convenient form for the dining area. 

When planning the interior, remember that furniture should not occupy more than 20% of the room. In addition, choosing kitchen furniture, do not forget that it should be convenient primarily for the hostess or that family member who most often cooks in the house. 

How to calculate the dimensions of a kitchen set? We recommend that you focus on the following parameters: the height of the floor cabinet should be 85-91 cm (slightly below the belt), the distance between the hanging cabinet and the floor cabinet should be about 45-60 cm. It should be convenient to use your hand to get at least the first shelf in the upper cabinet. The lower cabinet should be about 60 cm deep, the upper one is much narrower – about 32 cm. 

What layout is better to choose for the kitchen?

L-shaped. Most of all, such a layout is suitable for square-shaped rooms. The L-shaped kitchen allows you to organically divide the space, but at the same time leave enough free space for movement.

U-shaped. Suitable for both square and rectangular rooms. The room should be large enough, it is good that between the parallel modules of the kitchen there is a minimum of 2.5 m of free space. The advantage of this layout: the ability to place a large number of cabinets and the necessary equipment. 

Linear layout . This is the best option for narrow rooms with a width of less than 2 meters and an area of ​​6 square meters. 

Island and peninsular cuisines. Such a layout will be good only for large rooms with an area of ​​20 square meters. Usually in the middle of the island kitchen there is a table with a sink or stove, and in the peninsular there is a bar. But, of course, you are free to rebuild the standard layout for your needs. 

How to order or buy a kitchen inexpensively?

We have some tips: 

-Standard furniture will be cheaper than custom-made kitchens. The difference in price can reach 20-30%. 

-Go to furniture exhibitions and follow the actions of kitchen furniture manufacturers. Often at an exhibition or a promotion you can buy a great headset with a discount of up to 70%! 

-Buy kitchen furniture and appliances separately. Then the arrangement of the kitchen will cost you 30% cheaper. 

-Ask several companies to calculate the cost of a kitchen unit and a detailed specification. So you can find the best deal. It is also a good idea to read reviews about furniture manufacturers. 

We are sure that you will find the kitchen of your dreams at a reasonable price!

What style to choose for the kitchen?  

It is very important that you and your family like the chosen style. We will tell you which styles are most popular and how to organize the interior of the kitchen in one of them.  

Rustic Kitchens  

Checkered curtains, cream colors, copper basins and carved boards – this should look like a rustic kitchen. This style is characterized, first of all, by the convenience and generous use of wood. 

Art Nouveau Kitchens  

Nowadays, modern is a very popular style. The modern kitchen,  decorated in Art Nouveau style , painted in bright colors, looks comfortable and thought out to the smallest detail. The use of modern integrated technology is a prerequisite.  

Scandinavian style kitchen  

The Scandinavian style is characterized by white combined with a wide range of natural colors. The kitchen looks calm and comfortable, in no case screaming. Such a kitchen should have enough storage space. The use of natural wood for furniture and decoration is very desirable.  

Eclecticism in the design of the kitchen  

If you belong to people for whom simplicity is synonymous with boredom, we suggest you try the cuisine in an eclectic style. Eclecticism allows you to combine different colors, materials and motifs, only your imagination is a limiter! An eclectic style is recommended for people who prefer individualism and absolute freedom in choosing an interior. 

The only rule: you should like the result. On the different type of websites you will find photos of various styles of kitchens that will undoubtedly help determine the cuisine of your dreams. And if you still have questions about what style to choose and how best to fit it into your kitchen,  

Ideas for small kitchens 

If you have a small kitchen, try using every meter rationally. Good solutions for a small kitchen can be corner cabinets, drawers, extra shelves, storage baskets. Think about which furniture to use. In the kitchen of small sizes, you can put a folding or extendable table, a bar, stylish folding chairs. Choose furniture with wheels or legs. 

This will avoid the effect of large overhanging cabinets and cabinets. Furniture standing a little on a raised platform will look light and airy. Play with the flowers. You can choose a color scheme for a small room, where the furniture, walls and floor will be the same color. This will visually make the kitchen more spacious. In addition, we recommend installing swing doors in the kitchen. It will also save valuable space.